The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1015

Danial Johansson’s low level of cultivation was simply no match for a half-stepped Grandmaster.
Most importantly, never did he expect that Zachary Xavier, as a key member of Divine Constabulary, would be so protective of Alex. For the sake of Alex, not only did Zachary directly claim that the Johansson family was plotting against the state, but he even attacked Danial directly.
Zachary slapped on the crown of Danial’s head.
Danial died on the spot.
“Danial, Danial!” Krystal cried out in distress.
She had just witnessed her son being killed, and now she had to witness her husband being killed. She was being driven to the point of madness. After crying out loudly, she suddenly unzipped her purse and retrieved a small yet exquisite gun. She was going to shoot Zachary and kill him right away.
However, she had no idea what a half-stepped Grandmaster was capable of.
The moment the gun appeared, Zachary focused his mental strength. Before Krystal could aim the gun at him, he flashed forward and snatched her small gun away.
“For secretly possessing a gun and having the intent to murder me, you shall die!”
Without any semblance of mercy, Zachary turned the muzzle of the gun around and pointed it at Krystal’s temple before pulling the trigger.
Krystal fell slowly to the ground with her eyes widened. She fell in between Danial and Ronald.
A family of three laid neatly together on the ground.
And, the gunshot had completely shocked everyone present… People from the Johansson family all had sullen expressions on their faces as their hearts trembled. Timothy Summers kneeled on the ground, and he was too weak to get up. The Duncan siblings had their eyes widened in shock. They had already forgotten about the pain in their faces.
Fanny Johansson, who was old but strong, finally realized the direness of the situation.
At this moment, it was a matter of life and death for the Johansson family.
He knew that the key figures in this big act were Alex Rockefeller and Aunt Rockefeller. People from Divine Constabulary had also come because of them.
When Fanny checked the time, he saw that there were three minutes left before the clock struck twelve.
Fanny hastily plucked a handful of thorny branches from a nearby flower bed. He took off his clothes and tied the branches to his back. He then rushed over while stumbling and shouting at the top of his lungs, “I am Fanny Johansson, patriarch of the Johansson family, and I am here to apologize! I am Fanny Johansson, patriarch of the Johansson family, and I am here to apologize…”
Fanny shouted consecutively with his hands raised high up in the air. After that, he kneeled upright in front of Alex.
“Patriarch of the Johansson family, your apology comes at quite a hefty price. If I hadn’t been careful, my entire family might have been killed because of you,” Alex said indifferently.
“I am guilty as charged. I’m already very old. Previously, I had no idea that Danial and his son, Ronald, were up to no good out here. I also had no clue about the five hundred Golden Dragon Warriors coming over here. It was all done by these two b*stards. The Johansson family is willing to offer all our wealth and accept Divine Constabulary’s trial. Please spare the old and weak in the Johansson family, including women and children!”
As Fanny finished speaking, he prostrated before Alex and hit his head to the ground.
For the sake of his family bloodline, he had to do so.
Alex didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Aunt Rockefeller next to him.
At this moment, her large bow had been hidden somewhere yet again. She definitely couldn’t have hidden it somewhere under her skirt because it couldn’t be fit in it at all… Then, she must have kept it inside her mind palace. Like his Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six, the large bow was a spiritual tool.
“I don’t want their fixed assets. Sell those assets for money. I only want money!” Aunt Rockefeller said with her crisp voice.
Fanny immediately nodded.
Zachary looked at Aunt Rockefeller. Soon, he made a call on the phone.
Not long after that, over a dozen armored vehicles drove in, stirring the entire neighborhood. Fine. The small neighborhood had actually been stirred long ago.
All the Golden Dragon Warriors from the Johansson family were taken away.
According to Zachary, Divine Constabulary was short of manpower and needed a lot of new recruits. These Royal ranked martial artists raised by the Johansson family could be of great use after being trained for a few years at a designated location.
Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!
The armored vehicles came and went quickly.
Even the numerous corpses were taken away.
Meanwhile, Timothy had completely lost his will to throw a tantrum.


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