The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1016

Timothy Summers previously asked his uncle, Ted Summers, to come with a group of heavily armed troops to arrest people. Now, the armed troops were here, but they weren’t here to catch the murderer, Alex Rockefeller. Instead, they had come to arrest the Golden Dragon Warriors whom the Johansson family was very proud of. In fact, these warriors would never be returned to the Johansson family.
This was the typical case of an unexpected twist to an expected outcome.
Ted finally remembered his nephew, and he slapped his nephew forcefully. “How could you not know your limits as a member of the Summers family? Apologize to Mr. Rockefeller right away!”
Alex glanced at Timothy indifferently.
Timothy dared not disobey Ted’s commands now, so he obediently lowered his head and apologized. “I’m sorry. I was wrong!”
Ted smacked the back of Timothy’s head again. “Louder. Call him Uncle Rockefeller.”
Timothy’s head was nearly snapped off. He seemed aggrieved. “Uncle Rockefeller, sorry. I was wrong!”
Right at that moment, Claire Ass*x, who was lying in the garden, woke up and opened her eyes.
As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the most influential heir of California kneeling before Alex while calling Alex as his uncle and apologized to him… Suddenly, Claire felt her heart clenched tightly as her mind was filled with questions!
What the hell was going on here?
The useless trash, Rockefeller had only left their family for a few months. How could he have gone through such big changes?
Right after that, an old man came over in a hurry, it was none other than the richest man in West California, Frederick Duncan.
As soon as Frederick arrived, he didn’t even deign to look at his grandson and granddaughter. He directly kneeled before Alex with a loud thud and cried out painfully. “Master Rockefeller, I’m at fault. I didn’t discipline these two b*stards and condoned their deeds. If you want to kill me or skin me alive, I, Frederick Duncan, won’t even say a word against it.”
Claire’s eyes widened, and her mind went blank for a while.
‘Richest man… In West California? But why?’
‘The good future son-in-law I was hoping to get is nothing compared to my ex-son-in-law. Why on earth is that? Could it be that I really have lost a trump card?’
When Claire thought about these things, she felt extremely remorseful and upset. She wished dearly that she could just bust her own head open. After that, she passed out again.
“There’s been enough deaths today!” Alex exhaled softly. “Take them all away. I don’t even bother to look at them.”
Frederick thanked Alex multiple times. Then, he turned to look at Yone and Yannis and said, “You two b*stards, get back to West California right away. Pack up your things, go to Australia and don’t come back for the rest of your life.”
“Huh?” When the Duncan Siblings heard this, they felt as if they had lost their parents.
Frederick’s words meant that they had been officially deprived of the right to inherit the Duncan family’s assets.
Meanwhile, Timothy was taken away by Ted.
The stunning, huge drama ended like a thunderstorm of sorts with an unpredictable outcome. To ordinary outsiders, nothing much was felt. At most, the scene of five hundred Golden Dragon Warriors appearing on the street was somewhat startling. As for the inside story, nobody knew too clearly what had happened at all.
The theme of the battle that occurred in Maple Villa was also suppressed by the senior officials.
Those who were shocked the most were none other than a few top-notch families in California.
Zachary then invited Alex to a meal and to have a drink together.
Alex found it hard to refuse, so he said, “Alright. Let’s do it tonight! I’ll be the host. Let’s have a meal at Urasawa Restaurant.”
“Okay!” Zachary said.
Soon, the villa was left with Claire as the only outsider.
“Let’s throw this old woman out. She’s an eyesore here. I want to rip her mouth apart whenever I see her,” Waltz said.
With that, Waltz walked up to Claire and slapped her once.
The slap ended up waking Claire.
Aunt Rockefeller glanced at Waltz indifferently, with a fleeting glimmer in her eyes. She said, “Let her get lost by herself! Let’s go inside and eat. I’m starving!”
To everyone’s surprise, Claire still remembered about the ten billion dollars.
She reached her hand toward Alex as she said with a pleasant smile on her face, “Alex, where’s the ten billion dollars? As long as you give the money to me, I’ll kneel before you and lick your feet for the rest of my life.”


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