The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1017

Several people were all stunned.
For the sake of money, Claire was willing to let her reputation go to waste. Nobody could be as shameless as her.
“It’s really the first time for me to meet a woman like you. At the very least, your daughter is a CEO. Aren’t you afraid that she’d be embarrassed by what you just did?” Waltz asked.
Madame Claire didn’t care at all and said, “How much is reputation worth? We’re talking about ten billion dollars here. These days, if one can show up with a hundred million dollars, that’d be good enough for reputation, let alone ten billion dollars!”
After that, Claire turned to look at Alex “Alex, it’s all my fault in the past. I shouldn’t have forced you to get a divorce with Dorothy, and I shouldn’t have yelled at you before. From now on, I won’t stop you two from being together. You can do whatever you want. As long as I get the ten billion dollars, I’ll go somewhere far away and never get in your way again.”
Daya couldn’t bear listening to it anymore. So, she said, “You can leave now.”
“What about the money?”
“There isn’t any!”
“I think you’ve gone mad thinking about money!” Aunt Rockefeller suddenly said out loud. “I’m going to teach this money obsessed psychopath a lesson. None of you should stop me.”
With that, Aunt Rockefeller grabbed Claire and headed outside.
Alex was startled.
Of course, he didn’t like Claire but she was still his de facto mother-in-law. Alex couldn’t let his aunt kill her out of rage, so he immediately said, “Aunt, this woman is somewhat a lunatic. Teaching her a lesson won’t work. Let me send her home. Out of sight, out of mind.”
“No, I’ll do it! Don’t worry. I’ll send her home after teaching her a lesson,” Aunt Rockefeller said.
Soon, Aunt Rockefeller drove Claire’s car and left the villa while taking along the trembling Claire.
Although Alex was worried, he could not do anything about it.
Immediately after that, Waltz bombarded Alex with a series of questions.
She was shocked yet envious of Alex’s ability to kill thirty one Mystic ranked martial artists with such ease. Anyway, she had no reason to be embarrassed about getting to the bottom of things with her questions.
Alex laughed. “You have way too many questions. Moreover, I can’t answer all of them clearly in a short amount of time. I can only say that the path I’m taking is neither martial arts nor the Cultivation Guru’s pathway mentioned by the people out there.”
Waltz’s round eyes widened. “Then what is it that you cultivate?”
Alex thought about it for a moment and said, “You can think of it as The Path of God.”
Waltz still couldn’t understand it.
Alex laughed loudly. “The Path of God is even more difficult than ascending to Heaven. Every level requires a breakthrough in one’s physical limits. But after the breakthrough, there are many benefits. You wouldn’t understand if I told you now. However, I’m already thinking of ways to help you all get onto The Path of God.”
Waltz nodded.
When Waltz turned around, she actually saw Daya’s eyes brimming with tears.
“Daya, why are you crying?” Waltz asked in surprise.
“I’m fine. I’m just feeling emotional. Honey, I believe my dream must have been real. That’s my memory from the past life. We were a couple who got separated. One day, we’ll both get our memories back!” Daya said.
Waltz was dumbfounded by what she heard, so she quickly asked what was going on.
Daya then told Waltz about the dream she had been having since she was a kid. After listening to Daya, Waltz didn’t know what to say.
“Fairy Realm? Pool of Reincarnation? I really hope what you said is true, so that I could also have a look in Fairy Realm. But, this was only a dream world. How could you think it’s real? How could deities possibly exist in the world?” Waltz asked.
Alex declined to comment.
Although he had acquired his ancestor’s legacy, and his ancestor claimed to be the Primo God of Miracle Doctors, Primo God was just a title. He couldn’t have actually been a deity, could he?
“Alright, let’s not talk about these things. I was interrupted by the Johansson family earlier, and I haven’t even finished cooking. You two can come and help. Since my aunt isn’t around, nobody will yell at you,” Alex said.
Twenty minutes later, Aunt Rockefeller returned on her own.
“Did you send her home?” Alex asked.


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