The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1023

A few moments later, the men from Divine Constabulary left, and they took the four Leviathan Gate’s men with them.
On the way out, Sky Melvis patted Alex Rockefeller on his shoulder. Sky then looked over at Phoebe Larsen with a squint. Alex understood what he was trying to hint. Sky must have thought Phoebe was another one of his girlfriends.
But she really wasn’t.
Phoebe had just called him a jerk Did she really think Alex was deaf?
“How are you holding up? Can you still walk?” Alex looked at Phoebe’s foot.
“No.” Phoebe shook her head.
“Where are you staying?” Alex asked.
“A hotel!” answered Phoebe.
“Why aren’t you staying with Coney’s family? ” Alex froze for a moment. “By the looks of it, you can’t drive on your own. I’ll get you a taxi!” Alex said.
“What did you say?” The magistrate’s daughter was dumbfounded. She then puffed her cheeks angrily. “I can’t believe you. I had just started to see you in a better light, but now, it’s gone back to its original state. I’m a weak girl who just got kidnapped, and I hurt my ankle. Now, you’re getting me a taxi. What if something happens during the journey?” asked Phoebe.
“This is called having a victim mentality. There aren’t as many bad people in the world as you think. It’s not like you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Not every man has their eye on you,” Alex said.
Phoebe felt a pain in her chest. It was almost as if someone had stabbed her thrice. “Well, I’m a good friend of Coney. As her rumored boyfriend, we are considered friends too. Shouldn’t you at least send me back? How could you be so selfish?”
“Am I selfish? I just saved you!” Alex exclaimed.
He felt speechless. “More importantly, you already yelled at me for being a jerk. Why should I send you back? I’m not a jerk, and we’re not friends! Alright, you can get your own taxi. Goodbye, daughter of a wealthy magistrate!”
With that, Alex waved his hand and walked to his car.
After getting into the driver’s seat, he turned on the engine. Just as he was about to leave, he intentionally glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Phoebe sitting on the ground.
Her shoulders jerked, and she was crying. She felt awfully aggravated. She had never met a man with such little manners as
Alex frowned. He watched her through the rearview mirror for one minute before letting out a long sigh.
He turned off the engine, got out of the car, and walked over to Phoebe.
“Give me your keys!” Alex demanded.
“Why are you bothering me again? Just let me die here on my own.” Phoebe wiped her tears before sitting stubbornly on the ground. She looked very much like someone’s girlfriend who was throwing a tantrum.
“If it weren’t for Cheryl, I wouldn’t want to meddle with you. I would’ve let those four men from Leviathan Gate kidnap you away. In the end, it doesn’t concern me whose wife you become.”
Phoebe pouted. “You’re speaking as if you’re very devoted. In the end, you’re still someone who simultaneously dates multiple women. Be careful of spreading yourself too thin. You might end up not being able to get out of the pit you threw yourself in.”
“You don’t have to worry about me. Look at yourself. You’re so good at insulting others. Can you drive now?” Alex asked.
“My right foot is injured. How can I drive? Why don’t you try driving without your right foot?” Phoebe said.
“You really got hurt in the wrong place. It’s your tongue that should’ve gotten hurt,” Alex said.
“You…” Phoebe gritted her teeth. By then, Alex had already rummaged through her purse and taken her car keys out. He incidentally took out a packet of tampons before hurriedly stuffing it back inside.
“Can you walk?” Alex asked.
“No!” Phoebe answered.
Alex instantly bent over and grabbed her by her waist. After exerting some force and with Phoebe’s surprised squeal, Alex carried her in his arms.
Phoebe flailed her legs wildly, and she blushed. “Jerk, what are you doing? This feels terrible!”
“Why are you screaming? If you keep screaming, I’ll leave you here,” Alex said.
Phoebe bit her red lips. Indeed, she didn’t dare make another sound.
“You did this on purpose. You were trying to take advantage of me,” Phoebe said after a while.
Alex froze. “Just how did I take advantage of you?”


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