The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1034

Soon after, the ugly looking baby was placed on her belly.
He immediately crawled up her abdomen, still laughing. The more Carol heard it, the more terrified she felt. Very soon, the baby found the right spot and bit down hard.
“Ahh!” Carol shrieked.
However, how could she have any breast milk?
Normal people could only have breast milk when the progesterone was at a very high level after ten months of pregnancy. However, it only took her less than five days to deliver the baby. It would be a wonder if she even had any breast milk.
However, this baby was different from ordinary babies. What he drank was not breast milk but blood.
It was until this moment that Carol only realized this baby actually had teeth after birth. Moreover, the teeth were very sharp. They were not like human teeth at all. After feeding the baby with her blood, Carol unexpectedly calmed down. Her gaze when looking at the baby had also become gentle. At this moment, she actually felt a blood connection with him.
The short old man said, “You need to feed him blood for three days continuously. You don’t have to feed him anymore after three days. Hahaha, I’ll raise him to be the hero of the generation!”
Upon hearing his words, her eyes glistened briefly.
After cleaning up herself, Carol gave her mother, Mariah Hamilton, a call.
Mariah was very excited as she received the call. “Carol, you have finally called me. That’s great, your dad and I thought you couldn’t come back! It’s great that you’re still alive! How are you now?”
Carol said, “I’m fine!”
She was holding the baby in her hand. At this moment, the baby let out a burst of sharp crying laughter.
Mariah was startled for a brief moment. “What sound is that?”
Carol said, “Mom, I just gave birth to a grandson for you.”
“Huh? What? What did you say?”
“I said, I just gave birth to a grandson for you.”
“This… this is impossible! How many days have passed since you left? Even if you were already impregnated when you were with Seamus Owen last time, it can’t be this fast!” Mariah was appalled. She could not believe her daughter at all.
“This child is given to me by Alex Rockefeller,” Carol said viciously.
“What? Alex Rockefeller’s child? Y-you and Alex Rockefeller…”
Mariah screamed as she could not accept the fact at all.
Carol said, “Of course, it’s not Alex’s child. This is a combination of a human fetus and haunting fetus. I was pregnant at first, but because of Alex, a haunting fetus got into my belly. And then, it turned into this now! He made me miserable! During this time, I was bullied by an old fart and harmed by him as well. I, Carol Rockefeller, will definitely get my revenge on this.”
Mariah also hated Alex to the core. “This brute has done such a nasty thing to you. He should die a miserable death! Besides, your sister’s leg is crippled. Although she was incapacitated by Seamus Owen’s poison, in the end, it was all because of Alex Rockefeller. Our house was even taken away by him.”
Carol said, “Mom, I’ll come back to California in three days. When the time comes, someone will help me. He will definitely make Alex Rockefeller suffer a fate worse than death!”
At this moment, Alex had already moved some necessary items from Maple Villa to Rockefeller Manor. Once again, he returned to the place where he had lived since childhood.
Waltz strolled around in his room and said, “Senior, your room is too empty. I’m going to buy a bed and put it here. We’ll be able to talk all night in the future.”
She said this in front of the three women of the Stoermers.
The atmosphere became a bit awkward right there and then.


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