The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1043

Alex was taken aback for a moment. He had just been thinking about heading over to Amaryllis Tower to look for Joshua Jones, and now Sky had a mission at the exact same place.
“This really was a situation of ask, and you shall receive.”
“I’m in Michigan right now. Tell me what’s the situation,” Alex asked.
“So, there’s a murder case involving Amaryllis Tower. A small martial arts family in Missouri was cruelly killed last night. Children as young as three to as old as eight to thirteen years old were all tortured and killed. And crueler and strangely, all thirty three of them had all their blood drained completely from their body.”
“There are still such things happening?” Alex was shocked.
“The Divine Constabulary has been investigating this case for a long time, and the final clue has been confirmed to be in Michigan’s Amaryllis Tower.” Sky paused. “But, this is a cross district case, and the one who’s in charge of this case isn’t California’s Divine Constabulary, but Missouri’s. We’re only assisting on the case, and Zachary recommended you. It so happens that your older resume has yet to be submitted, so once you’re done with the case, another sum can be added.”
Alex didn’t care much about this and asked, “Who do we need to rescue?”
“Oh, look at that. I forgot to give you the most important detail. Since yesterday, a member of the Divine Constabulary from Missouri infiltrated Amaryllis Tower for the investigation and has lost contact with them. More importantly, she isn’t some random person. She’s the granddaughter of Commander Stanley Cooper of Missouri’s ninth division, and her name is Stacey Cooper.”
“Alright, I’ll assist them.”
“That’s good. Give me the address you’re at now. Anna will pick you up later.”
The call ended.
Alex looked at the people around him and said, “We have help on the way now.”
Anna had yet to arrive, and Holly kept tugging Alex impatiently, asking about the Divine Transcendence. She had been trying to move toward that realm for a very long time, as it was only when one reached that point that one truly began to embark on the path of a cultivator.
“Then, do you already have spiritual consciousness, Bro?
“I heard that with spiritual consciousness, you could see things that you usually can’t. Can you see through my clothes and at my body, then?”
Alex was stunned for a long while. “Could it be that you want to cultivate spiritual consciousness just to see through people’s clothes?”
“Of course not. I’m just afraid that you’d peek at mine.”
“Come on. I’m not the least interested in an underdeveloped body like yours.”
“Y-You bully! Which part of me is underdeveloped?!”
Alex‘s eyes slid down from her neck, giving her a once over. “Which part isn’t?”
Holly stomped her foot and pouted angrily.
Seeing how cute she looked, Alex said, “Don’t worry. Spiritual consciousness is not some X-ray vision. I can’t see through your clothes! Once you obtain spiritual consciousness, you can sense people’s reactions and use this to launch counterattacks to injure their spiritual consciousness severely. It’s the same as mental powers.”
Holly sighed. “But, I haven’t even reached that level yet, and I’m still in Foundation Building. I knew it. I’m just worthless trash.”
“Don’t worry. You’re in a special situation.” Alex comforted her. “Your foundation was injured. I’ve gathered five kinds of medicine, and I’m just missing the fire lotus seeds right now. Once I’ve gotten everything, I’ll be able to help you to restore it
completely. It’s not a bad thing for you to accumulate all of it right now, since the deeper the foundation you build, the more stable your future growth will be.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m very sure!” Alex paused, then said, “Holly, where in the world are you from? You can’t be a real orphan, right? You’ve been away for so long. I’m sure your family must be looking everywhere for you.”
Holly shook her head. “I don’t have a home, and they… They definitely won’t come looking for me either.”
Her eyes turned red-rimmed after she said that, and she leaned against Alex.
Alex lowered his head to look at her.
‘Silly girl, she had practically exposed everything with those words. It seemed like she had had some conflict with her family.
Could she have run away from home?’
However, since she was not willing to talk about it, Alex didn’t press further.
At five in the evening, Anna arrived.
When she came, she drove a black, heavy duty locomotive, and the frantic roar from the vehicle literally blew up the streets.


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