The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1044

Alex frowned. “Why did you bring a heavy duty locomotive?”
“The traffic in Michigan is very congested,” Anna said.
“Even if you drove at an outrageous speed, you’d still be stuck on the road and crawling like a turtle in the end.”
Alex thought about it and realized that she was right. When he had driven from California to Michigan just now, it wasn’t peak hours for commuting to and from work yet, and he also ran the red lights. He had still wasted quite a bit of time on the roads. When he thought about how he had been speeding previously and had also run the red lights, he immediately told Anna, “I might have traffic summons, could you help me handle them?”
“That’s easy enough to handle,” Anna said. “Give me your license plate number. One of my cousins is in the transportation department, and it’s convenient to deal with this. I don’t even need to do anything myself.”
After getting the license plate number of Alex’s Aston Martin, she didn’t ask any further and directly sent the information to her cousin sister.
Not even three minutes later, her cousin’s call came. “Cousin, who drove this car? I can’t handle it.”
“What? You’re second in command in the traffic bureau, and you can’t even deal with some summons? What’s the use of your position then?”
“Cousin, this is not a violation problem. This license plate number has been registered. It drove at high speed up to 387 miles per hour on the highway today, ran 24 red lights in a row, and sped on the city roads five times than allowed. Even the wife of the boss above me was frightened. It’s useless for anyone else to come. The owner of the car might even be tortured…”
When Anna heard this, her jaw dropped.
She glanced at Alex and asked, “Where the heck did you drive to in this car?”
Alex shrugged. “Why, you can’t deal with it?”
Anna returned to the call. “Just say that it’s a special car driven by the Divine Constabulary.”
“You’ll have to come to sign it off.”
“Alright, alright. I’m hanging up, how useless, seriously.”
Her cousin, on the other end, felt really aggrieved by Anna’s words. Why, if it were any other ordinary person, they’d have had to go to jail for at least half a year!
In regards to the Amaryllis Tower case, Anna was more knowledgeable about the details and said, “The person in charge of this case is from Missouri, and his name is Travis Blair, code name Bloody Bear. He has an extremely bad temper, is obstinate and self opinionated, and loves to nitpick on others. We’re just supporting this time, so just follow my lead when the time comes.”
Alex didn’t comment. The main reason he was going was to find Stephen Hendrix. As for whatever that girl, Stacey Cooper, he really didn’ t care much for her.
At six-thirty in the evening, Alex and Anna came to a garage.
This was the rendezvous point.
“Oh, and here I was wondering who the California division would send, and it turns out to be the tomboy, Anna! It seems like the California division doesn’t have any need to exist if all the men were just to become reliant on women.”
Right away, a Missouri division member came up and exclaimed dramatically.
Another said, “Fifth, don’t say that. If we have such a manly woman here, I’d also be willing just to sit back and rely on her… Anna, there’s no fortune for you following that invalid Sky Melvis. Why don’t you just join our Missouri division? We’re so much stronger than your division, after all.”
Alex scanned them.
There were a total of six people, and the strongest one was near intermediate Earth rank. He was tall, strong, and fit.
The other ones obviously fell behind this man. The second strongest was only at advanced Mystic rank. They were much stronger than Sky, but if the information that Holly had given him was accurate, they used to be delivery boys.
Anna pursed her lips and said, “It’s not about being strong. You’ll see when the qualifying matches come! But, I heard that the genius, Tristan Coleman, was the pride of your Missouri folded in our turf, California. Even Terrance Coleman is gone. What other fire are you guys blowing?”


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