The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1051

The mohawk guy was dead!
For a moment, the entire place was deadly silent. The members from Missouri’s Divine Constabulary were stunned, speechless.
How could it be possible that this was a civilian elder?
This was clearly an unfathomable martial arts master!
“And you!” Alex said, and the young man who had smashed into Alex with the iron rod looked like a frightened deer when he saw the mohawk guy’s neck being snapped. He had already guessed that he would be Alex’s next target, so as soon as Alex said those words, he retreated abruptly.
However, Alex was faster. In a blink of an eye, he appeared behind the man.
Alex grabbed the man’s neck and dragged him back to where he had been standing moments ago in an instant. “You hit me twice, so you’re also sentenced to death! Do you have any objections?”
The young man trembled all over. The neck that Alex was holding felt like a reaper holding onto his soul. His entire body felt cold, and it felt like death’s door was right in front of him.
He shouted loudly, “Master Jones, save me! Master Jones, save me!”
A gun was pointed at Alex’s heart from behind.
The one holding the gun was a blond haired man with blue eyes, and he had very unique characteristics. He could be said to be handsome and tall and was a standard male protagonist in many female American drama fans’ eyes. If he went for a walk on a university campus during the night, he would surely attract a lot of girls’ attention.
There was a smile upon his face as he pushed the gun upward in his hand and said in lousy English, “Mister, my gun has some objections. What do I do?”
Because Alex had moved too fast in chasing that group of people, Anna and the others only discovered that Alex was threatened by a gun only after the blonde haired man had finished talking.
Looking at the style of the gun, the firepower of the bullet was definitely not the small caliber type. If it was shot through his heart from the back, even a martial arts master wouldn’t be able to withstand it, right?
Anna yelped, her face full of panic.
She wanted to rush up and help, but she was well aware that her strength wasn’t enough to go against the people from Amaryllis Tower. To put it bluntly, she only came to serve as a foil, and she was the one who was the civilian official.
However, when Gideon saw this, he seemed to be stimulated by something and blurted curses, “What the hell are you pretending for? What’s the point in killing some small farts? You can hide your cultivation base, and then you can just take out Joshua directly! There’s still a chance to come back, and it’s now! Just go and pretend to be dead, you pig headed idiot!”
His mood was fluctuating, and it kind of seemed like it was about to explode. That was what had caused the explosive reaction he just had.
Travis glanced at him, looking disappointed.
His will was so weak, if Travis had known from the beginning that Gideon would be so weak willed, he definitely wouldn’t have agreed to let him join Missouri’s Divine Constabulary that he was in charge of. It was an embarrassment to him.
Alex seemed to completely ignore the existence of the handsome blonde man behind him, as well as the gun pointed at his back.
He was still grasping the neck of the man.
“Since there are no objections, then let’s get on with it!”
Alex raised his hand. His palm slammed down upon the guy’s head.
Everyone was stunned. Including Anna.
At this time, he still dare to kill someone? Was he really not afraid of death?
The blonde haired man was startled and froze for a moment before flying into a rage, “Fark, you’re really looking to die!”
In the next moment, the blonde man pulled the trigger without hesitation.
Bang, bang, bang!
Bang, bang… Bang!
Six consecutive shots.
When Anna heard the shots, her mind went blank.
Was be dead?!
If Alex was dead, his death was not worth it!
Unknowingly, two trails of tears flowed from her eyes.
Cling, clang, cling!
Rattle, rattle…
The sounds of strange objects rolling on the Amaryllis Tower’s floor echoed, cutting through the dead quiet air.


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