The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1054

Someone even instantly fainted.
There was a loud bang, and a hole appeared in one of the walls of Amaryllis Tower.
It stunned several pedestrians outside.
“Bleurgh…” Joshua coughed up a mouthful of blood.
Alex had defeated him with his own technique. He had spat this mouthful of blood because of how depressed he was feeling. Alex had shown him mercy in the end because he wanted to ask Joshua the whereabouts of some people.
“Where is Stephen Hendrix?” Alex gave the fallen Joshua a contemptuous look from where he was standing. “Who was the one who instructed you to kidnap Stephen?”
Among the lively crowd, a fat man was standing in the corner. His face was pale as a paper, and even his legs were trembling. This fat man was the boss of the product, Brilliant Ice Scar Removal Cream, Franky Lee.
Franky had gotten people to investigate Lush Cosmetics before this and found that the legal representative was someone named Maya Howards. She was an unknown young woman, and the employees she had in the factory didn’t seem like a large number.
Compared to their Brilliant Ice, they were practically ants to their elephant.
In other words, they seemed like an easy party to bully. However, they had extremely good prospects. Previously, he had been forced to sign an agreement to sell 90% of the company’s shares to Joshua at the price of one dollar under Joshua’s pressure, and Joshua would give up the rights to make decisions.
This made Franky’s heart bleed.
However, now, he had seen a person storming into Amaryllis Tower directly for Lush Cosmetics’ sake, and not only had he killed three of Joshua’s subordinates, but he had also even made Joshua cough up blood and be unable to stand. He felt like his world was about to crumble.
If he couldn’t even stand up to Joshua, how would he dare to do it to someone who dared to smash into Amaryllis Tower like this?!
This guy was a god of destruction!
“Master Jones, you may not know me very well. I don’t like to repeat the same question twice,” Alex said calmly. He stretched out his hand gently, and the iron Sledgehammer that was five meters away flew to his hands with a ‘woosh’.
Gideon and the others shivered violently from seeing that.
If they hadn’t seen it previously, they had seen it clearly now!
Extending his inner strength outward and transforming Chi into something tangible was the sign of a Grandmaster!
Travis asked Anna with some difficulty, “Anna, who in the world is be? How could Sky get someone like him as a subordinate?”
Anna gave him a proud and coy glance. “Didn’t you guys say you want to meet Master Alex, otherwise, your life will be in vain? Now, you’ve met him!”
“H-He… He’s the one who killed the Missouri’s Coleman family and the Coleman family’s Grandmaster?!”
Travis, Jamie, and everyone else looked at Gideon after they had recovered from their shock. This guy was feeling regret down to his bones. He had insulted and mocked a Grandmaster!
No one could insult a Grandmaster. That was a deathly offense!
At this moment, Alex had raised the Sledgehammer high in the air.
“I ’m giving you three seconds, if you don’t tell, the hammer will fall, and your brain will be gone.”
Everyone watching shuddered.
If such a big hammer were to hit a person’s head, their head would be gone, much less their brains!
“Him! It’s h-him! ” Joshua didn’t bother letting Alex continue his countdown and shouted as he pointed at Franky, who stood in the corner. “He’s the boss of Brilliant Ice Pharmaceutical and the one who asked me to kidnap Stephen.”
Everyone’s gaze fell upon the fat man instantly after those words rang out.
Franky peed his pants from fright at that moment. In the open space full of people, the smell of urine diffused through the whole area’s air.
Anna was quick to catch the man.
Alex glanced at Joshua, but he didn’t put down the Sledgehammer and said, “There’s another person, Stacey Cooper. Where is she?”
As soon as he said that, a cold, merciless voice rang out from inside, “I’m here. Who are you?”


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