The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1055

“I’m here. Who are you?”
The voice was cold, and it sounded mechanical.
Then, a woman in a long black dress walked out of Amaryllis Tower. Her steps were even as she walked with an imposing aura that seemed to leak out of her. Many people didn’t know who she was, having never seen her before.
Alex was, of course, also one of them.
However, when he saw the woman, his eyes flashed, and a playful look appeared upon his face.
“Stacey Cooper?!” Anna called out in surprise.
As the middleman in California Divine Constabulary, she naturally read the files and saw Stacey’s photos.
“She’s Stacey Cooper!” Travis nodded, confirming the information.
“But, she doesn’t seem to be someone who’s trapped here?” Jamie commented. Stacey was also part of the Missouri division, so it was only natural they all got along well and were familiar with each other.
Alex looked at Stacey with a smile, not saying a word. It was Jamie who spoke again, “Stacey, he’s an elder from the California division. His name is Alex, and he came to assist us in rescuing you.”
“Rescue me? Whatever for?” Stacey rolled her eyes coldly. She looked at Jamie with eyes full of contempt and detachment.
This caused Jamie’s heart to clench fiercely. Jamie had liked Stacey for a very long time!
Jamie said anxiously, “What’s the matter with you, Stacey? Has someone threatened you? You don’t have to fear anymore, this is Elder Alex, and he’s a Grandmaster. He can easily save you. Look, Joshua Jones is about to be executed, right? You don’t have to be afraid anymore!”
As he spoke, he stared dead into Stacey’s face.
He hoped that there would be any sort of slight hints on her face that would tell him anything.
However, he was disappointed. There was no change in Stacey’s expression at all.
Not even a blink of an eye.
Stacey coldly said, “The investigation of the Divine Constabulary was wrong. The destruction of the Cullen family has nothing to do with Amaryllis Tower. There is no one threatening me, and no one restricting my freedom either.”
When she said that, all the members from Missouri’s Divine Constabulary looked at her, wide-eyed.
“Stacey, what in the world are you saying?” Jamie stomped his feet in anxiousness. “The evidence we have shows that the destruction of the Cullen family is linked to Amaryllis Tower. Also, the information that you sent to us before this contradicts what you’re saying. Before our communication was interrupted, you even said that something had happened. What had happened?”
Stacey replied in the same cold manner, “Nothing. You’ve all made a mistake.”
Jamie was anxious to the point that he felt his heart was on fire.
The current Stacey felt extremely unfamiliar, as though he didn’t know her anymore. There was not a lick of emotion in her. Before this, although they weren’t girlfriend-boyfriend, their relationship was still very good.
He rushed forward and reached out to pull on her.
No one expected Stacey to suddenly lash out with a heavy kick to Jamie’s stomach with a ‘whoosh’, causing him to fall back on his butt on the floor.
She snorted coldly, “I’m warning you, stay away from me.”
At this point, it seemed like the Divine Constabulary was putting up a clown show in front of the public, and they felt embarrassed on the outside and the inside.
Joshua roared with laughter. “Do you hear that? You’re just a mess in the Divine Constabulary, deliberately misinterpreting everything on your own. Did you think that just because you have the license to kill, you’d be able to victimize and oppress others? There are still upright female members in the Divine Constabulary who are willing to stand up for true justice! Now, all of you people from the Divine Constabulary, get out!”
As soon as he said that, the Sledgehammer in Alex’s hand fell.
The iron hammer came down directly upon his head. The so-called hero of the generation, Joshua Jones, died without any time to say his last words.
“You… You killed him?” Stacey was furious. “Didn’t you just hear what I said? I said the Cullen family case has nothing to do with Amaryllis Tower!”
Alex threw the Sledgehammer aside, then clapped his hands and said to Joshua’s corpse, “When you used Fury Dragon Fist, I already knew that you were the one who nearly killed my brother. You were also the one who killed my people, so I’ve taken your life as payback for these debts!”
A sinister look appeared upon Stacey’s face, and her eyes seemed to spit fire as she said, “I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”
Alex glanced at her cahnly. “I won’t talk to a beast. Get the master who‘s behind you out here! Otherwise, I’ll bring down this entire building!”
In the next moment…


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