The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1066

However, she saw the tattoo on the back of a dried corpses’ hand.
At a glance, she was not calm anymore.
The tattoo was very familiar. It was a string of Latin words. When translated to english, it meant the two words “Stacey Cooper”.
Anna thought Stacey would not recognize it but she knew.
“Jamie… Jamie Dodd?”
Combined with what Anna had said, she was even more certain that the dried corpse was Jamie Dodd from Divine Constabulary of Missouri. She asked loudly, “Isn’t he Jamie Dodd? Why is he here? How did he…”
As she spoke, tears started falling down her cheeks. Even though Jamie was not her boyfriend, deep down, she had feelings for him. At first, she wanted them to become a couple naturally. No one wanted to be the first to take the first step to advance their relationship, but she did not expect that…
After that, Stacey looked again at the few others. She was even more shocked.
“This… Is this Captain Blair? Oh my gosh! Why would Captain Blair also… He’s an Earth expert. How could he die?”
“Tell me, what actually happened here?”
“Tell me!”
“Please someone tell me!”
Stacey charged toward Anna and grabbed her clothes. Anna replied, “Stop asking. I’ll explain when the people have arrived.”
“No, I want to know now.”
“Alright… Since you insist!” Anna shook her head. “It’s because your mind has been manipulated. You told them Divine Constabulary’s plan, so they prepared in advance and set out an inescapable trap. Captain Blair and the others were found once they entered the building. After that…”
“Ah! Aah! No!”
Stacey pulled her own hair while tears started streaming down her face. She simply could not accept the fact. “I… I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! It was he, it was me who got them killed?!”
“Miss Cooper, you don’t have to blame yourself. The enemies’ methods are too clever, even if it were me, the result would be the same.” She could only comfort her helplessly.
However, Stacey actually took out a gun out of nowhere at this moment. She pointed it at her forehead and was about to pull the trigger.
“No!” Anna was greatly shocked.
At this moment, a huge suction force sucked the gun out of Stacey’s hand right away. It was Alex who walked out from the inside and snatched the gun using the spiritual power when he saw her trying to commit suicide.
With a crack sound, the gun in his hand turned into a scrap metal.
He said coldly, “Captain Blair, Jamie and the others died while trying to save you. Anna and I came to rescue you as well. If you kill yourself like that, wouldn’t they die for nothing? Wouldn’t I fail my mission this time then?”
If it were just the first few sentences, Stacey still felt warmth in her heart after listening to them.
However, Alex’s last sentence had saddened her a bit. She thought, ‘I’m already so sad and hurt that I want to kill myself. But, all that you care for is your mission? How could you be so cold-blooded?’
“Killing myself is my own business. What does it have to do with you? What does your unfinished mission have to do with me?”
Alex gave her a tight slap on the face without thinking twice. Then, he grabbed her hair and pulled it without mercy.
“You look at them. Look at the way they died and how much pain they were in! They died because of you. It’s because they wanted to rescue you, but they got their blood and flesh in their entire bodies sucked out by the worshipper of the Blood Cult… As a member of Divine Constabulary of Missouri, don’t you want to avenge them? You haven’t taken your revenge, yet you’re committing suicide. Are you a cowardly trash? Then, I truly feel bad for them. They lost their lives for trying to save a piece of sh*t like you and also because you have a good grand father. Otherwise, you’re just a pile of sh*t!”
Alex threw her on the ground. “You want to kill yourself? Sure. But eat your high heels first! After you finish eating them, I don’t care if you die or not!”
Alex squatted down and took off her high heels. He pinched her jaw and fiercely stuffed the heels into her mouth.


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