The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1083

At this moment, everyone was shocked with their hearts beating wildly, regardless of the company’s employees or the official personnel’s brought by Ysabel. They were unable to comprehend what was happening. They couldn’t understand how on earth would Alex dare to act in such an unscrupulous manner like this?
As for Dorothy, could it be that she really wanted to walk down the dark path with Alex, ignoring the entire Dorothy-Alex Constructions and Ass*x Conglomerate?
However, no matter how they thought about it, it was a dead end!
Alex didn’t care about others’ thoughts. Instead, he looked at Dorothy behind him and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, no one will be able to touch your Dorothy-Alex Constructions.”
Dorothy’s lips curled. “Where do you see that I’m worried? It’s better if the company closes down, then I don’t have to work so hard. Since you have so much money, can’t you just support my living?”
“You’ve changed.”
“How so?”
“You’ve become lazy.”
“This is called learning to be smart. Otherwise, you’ll take your money to support other women. Doesn’t that mean that I’m a fool?”
The two stood closely to each other while whispering into each other’s ears.
Seeing this relaxed scene, Ysabel got even angrier, as if she were just a small, transparent roadside display. However, she was the dignified daughter of the deputy mayor with a lofty status. She thought that she was a person favored by fortune, while Alex and the others were just grass on the ground. These few rabbles actually dared to ignore her and even beat her.
‘Damn it! You wretched couple, just wait for your death!’
Wee-woo! Wee-woo!
A rush of police sirens roared from a distance. Listening to the sound of the sirens, at least seven to eight police cars came over.
When Ysabel heard the sound, she immediately gained back her confidence. She laughed loudly right away as she looked at Alex sideways. She said in a cold, vicious voice, “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the police sirens. It’s also the death knell for a bast*rd like you. You dare to hit me, Ysabel Yoder, then you must be prepared to die.”
The corner of Alex’s lip quirked up. “Are you so sure that the police can save you?”
Ysabel angrily said, “Why can’t they? Do you even dare to confront the police? Fine, when the police arrive later, if you can still stand there unscathed after everything, I, Ysabel Yoder, will take my own head for you to use as a urinal!”
Alex said, “You are hardcore indeed! But, in order to verify your words, I’ll show you something even better. Let’s see who can save you in the end.”
Having said that, he grabbed her right away and scurried toward the stairs.
“What the heck are you doing?
“Let me go, you bast*rd!”
The building of Dorothy-Alex Construction was seven stories high in total.
Alex directly brought Ysabel to the top floor. It happened that there was an iron hook hanging out on the roof. Alex tore Ysabel’s clothes and rounded up her hands with it right away. Then, he hung her on the said hook.
Right now, Ysabel was hanging outside the eighth floor, with both her legs suspended in the air.
The girl was going out of her mind. She had lived such a long life but she had never experienced such a horrifying thing before. Deep down, she cursed up a storm, cursing Alex all the way into his future generation. However, none of those curses could come out of her lips. She lowered her head to look at the ground under her feet. There were a row of iron rods erected just below. If she were to fall from this height, she would definitely be skewered!
This man was a complete lunatic!
“Help! Help me!”
“Hey you! Put me down! If I die, you’ll also be sentenced to death!”
“Please, please let me go, let me go. I… I was wrong, I won’t do it ever again…”
Ysabel’s body swayed outside the eight floor when the wind blew, and the iron hook that she was hung on didn’t look very strong either. Ysabel was instantly frightened out of her wits. How could she still be reluctant to admit her mistake at this point? Her bottom half became warm all of a sudden, and a trail of urine leaked out.
It trailed down and dripped to the ground below.
“Isn’t it a bit too late to be begging for mercy now?
“The scenery here is great, you should stay a little longer. You should pray that your clothes are strong enough!”
Alex smiled, then patted Ysabel’s bareback. As a result, her body swayed even more violently in the air. She was so frightened that she started screaming and bawling loudly.


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