The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1100

“What is feminine fluid?” Lady Beatrice Ass*x was confused.
“That happens when a woman has her period,” Alex Rockefeller said.
Lady Beatrice immediately twisted and turned. “You… Why are you asking me this now? You can’t possibly want it right now, can you? I am really on my period!” she exclaimed.
“That’s great!” replied Alex.
“Beatrice, I’m telling you. You are the cause of my weakness right now. With you in my arms, I can’t possibly fight against them! Besides, they aren’t any slower than me. If we’re not careful, they will tear you apart. But we have a solution now,” Alex hurriedly
“What is it?” Lady Beatrice asked.
“Smear your menstrual blood all over your body,” Alex said.
“Huh?” Lady Beatrice was shocked. How could she possibly do that? It was incredibly disgusting!
However, right then, another ghost servant leaped high into the air.
No, he didn’t leap on his own. Instead, he was tossed by the two other ghost servants, its speed now slightly faster than Alex’s lightning-infused legs. Seeing that the ghost servant would soon collide with him, he quickly drew out his Dragon Bone Sword and lashed out Unfortunately, he had drawn his sword too hastily, and he was also carrying Lady Beatrice.
The sword only managed to scrape the ghost servant’s arm.
“Hurry up. Stop hesitating. Is your life or reputation more important?” Alex asked.
“These three fellows aren’t ordinary people. They are zombies, and they are intrinsically afraid of the feminine fluid. As long as you smear it all over your body, they wouldn’t dare to attack you because of the smell,” Alex added.
Lady Beatrice gritted her teeth. “Alright, I’ll do as you say.”
However, she could only smear the blood on her face and the front of her body and not her back. She still needed Alex’s help.
At such a critical juncture, Alex didn’t mind how dirty it was. He quickly took some blood from her hands and smeared it carelessly on Lady Beatrice’s back.
Right then, another ghost servant leaped forward to attack.
Alex instantly moved his bloodied hand forward.
When the ghost servant caught the scent, he had indeed turned away and didn’t attack Alex’s hand.
‘Their weakness!’
Hence, Alex made up his mind. He tossed Lady Beatrice to the ground and jumped five meters away. From this distance, he would be able to rescue her in time if she was in danger.
In the end, it worked just as he thought.
Ghost One wanted to attack Lady Beatrice. However, he was forced to turn away and jump away because of the scent on her body. He bated his teeth and clawed around, but he refused to get close.
Alex laughed loudly. Lifting the Dragon Bone Sword in his hand, he activated his Mystic armor and charged forward. Unfortunately, Alex had never formally learned sword fighting. Apart from some basic moves, it was as if he was chopping a tree with a kitchen knife. It wasn’t very effective at all.
If he only used his fists and feet, however, he realized the ghost servants’ defensive abilities were too strong. Amid the fierce battle, a loud whistling sound approached from afar.
A golden ray of light soon appeared.
It instantly pierced through Ghost Four’s forehead.
It was a golden arrow.
“Auntie is here!”
As soon as Alex saw this golden arrow, he knew that the mysterious Aunt Rockefeller had arrived. Instantly, he focused his attention on the fight since there was nothing more to be dealt with. He went after his opponents with his Dragon Bone Sword without holding back. A few seconds later, Alex killed another one of them.
Ghost One was the only remaining ghost servant.
With Alex and Aunt Rockefeller working together, Ghost One couldn’t possibly survive.
At this point, all Four Great Ghost Servants of the Witch Doctor Sect were dead!
Aunt Rockefeller put away her Fiery Phoenix Bow and looked at Alex. “What kind of lousy swordsmanship was that? You’re worse than a lumberjack. It’s hilarious,” she chuckled.
Alex kept his Dragon Bone Sword back in his mind palace. “I have never been good with swords. Auntie, why did you come?”
Before Aunt Rockefeller could answer, Lady Beatrice suddenly ran forward and pounced onto Alex. “Alex, I was so afraid!” she cried out.
When Aunt Rockefeller saw the stark naked Lady Beatrice clinging tightly onto Alex while she cried, her body instantly shook a little. She looked daggers at Lady Beatrice.


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