The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1118

When Alex fetched Cheryl at the Coney family’s residential unit, he could not help his eyes from glistening. At this moment, he saw Cheryl wearing a white T-shirt with embroideries. She had on a pair of sea blue jeans coupled with a pair of red sneakers. She looked young, beautiful, and full of vigor. He could not tell that she was already a mature woman of twenty-six
years old. She was more like a college student walking out of the campus.
Alex poked out his head and whistled. “Oh, my, whose sister is this? Are you taken yet?”
As soon as the voice fell, James’s voice rang from the inside next to the unit door. “Alex, I’m waiting for you to come to our house for a marriage proposal.”
In that instant, Alex jumped in shock. He seemed a bit awkward.
Cheryl only smiled and pointed at the luggage near her feet. “Kind brother, please help to carry my luggage!”
“Why are there so many luggage bags?”
“It’s more troublesome for girls to go out than you boys.”
Alex did not speak any further but moved the luggage bags into the car together with James.
Before leaving, James handed over a letter to Alex and said, “Alex, I’ll leave Cheryl to you. Although she’s older than you, she’s very innocent. Just treat her as your sister. If she ever throws a tantrum, you have to forgive her.”
“Grandpa, I’m not a kid.”
“Haha, great. That’s great. The thing that you guys want is inside this envelope. Have a safe journey.”
Cheryl got into Alex’s car and headed to California airport. Cheryl was in an extremely good yet nervous mood. She felt as if the two of them were going on a honeymoon. As a result, she did not care if she could acquire the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy. Instead, she wondered if something special would happen in this journey. For instance… Becoming a woman.
The flight was at ten thirty in the morning. It required three and a half hours to reach Puerto Rico airport from California.
Cheryl had specially prepared a tablet and downloaded a few movies on it. She was ready to watch the movies with Alex when the time came.
Each of them wore one side of the earphones. They were just like the usual couples.
However, after getting on the plane, Alex met an acquaintance.
“Oh, Alex Rockefeller!”
“Is that you? What a coincidence. Why are you on this flight, too? Are you traveling to Puerto Rico?”
Alex was startled for a brief moment. Never did he expect to bump into someone he knew on the plane. He took a look at the person.
“Hubert Gordon, it’s you. And… Thea Stone? Are you two… Together?”
It turned out that the one who spoke earlier was a former university classmate.
Recalling those years back then, Alex was a wealthy heir of a 300 billion dollar listed company, and this Hubert Gordon was also one of his lackeys. However, he was also born with a silver spoon. Moreover, he did not hail from California but Missouri. After graduation, he went back to Missouri, and the two drifted apart.
However, their relationship was still fine.
It was just that the beauty next to him, Thea Stone, had a bad relationship with Alex. She was one term older than Alex and in the same term as Maya Howards. Moreover, this person was a rival to Maya in the student council. She also bore a bit more animosity toward Alex because he was close to Maya.
At this moment, Thea recognized Alex and said contemptuously, “Oh, it’s you, Alex Rockefeller. I heard that your dad was involved in corruption and treason. You were kicked out of the Rockefellers and became Ass*x’s live-in son-in-law. What are you doing here today? You’re traveling to Puerto Rico with another woman behind Dorothy’s back Are you trying to earn quick cash by becoming a kept man?”


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