The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1119

Alex glanced indifferently at Thea without feeling anything in his heart.
In his eyes, there was a vast difference in personality between Thea and Maya. Maya was like a cloud in the sky, whereas Thea was a rotten leaf on the ground. At first, he had a better relationship with Maya. She even used to try to win him over by trying to drive a wedge between him and Maya. Moreover, the means used by her was a confession!
That was right. Thea once confessed to Alex and wanted to be his girlfriend. Unexpectedly, her goal had been long seen through by Alex because he happened to hear her conversation with another girl back then.
The ending was predictable.
The woman could be summarized in two words laughing stock!
Alex did not even deign to look at her. Naturally, he did not even retort with disdainful words, but Cheryl could not hold it in any longer. It would be no problem if others were to badmouth her. She could endure it. However, it was pushing her buttons when Thea bad mouthed Alex.
Cheryl coldly said, “You are full of it. You look like a person, but your true nature is exposed once you start speaking. Do you think you can show off your sense of superiority in this way? In fact, it just shows your dark character without any moral baseline inside your heart.”
The female doctor’s words did not contain a single vulgar word, but every word touched a sore point with her.
As her face flushed, she was so furious that she was about to go mad. She pointed at Alex and said, “Could it be that I’ve said something wrong? You better ask him if all these things that I’ve said earlier are true.”
Cheryl said with a cold smile, “You just picked up someone else’s vomitus halfway and held that hear say as the truth? If your eyes aren’t just for decorations, you can go and take a look at the police announcement. Alex’s father was framed. Even the official had rectified it. Why are you still using some old fake news to attack others? What’s your intention?”
Hubert also said with a frown, “Thea, why are you talking about this? We’re all classmates. Why are you making a big fuss about it?”
Thea let out a snort. “I’m just reminding you that it’s better off without some classmates.”
Hubert said, “Thea Stone, Alex Rockefeller is my classmate and also my friend. If you ever say such a thing again, I’ll be angry.”
“Hmph!” Thea sat down and turned her face to look at the scenery outside the window.
“Alex, I’m really sorry. Thea…” Hubert said apologetically to Alex.
“It’s okay! I know very well what kind of person she is. The point is, why are you with her?”
Just as Hubert wanted to say something, Thea jumped again. “What do you mean by that? What’s wrong with Hubert and I being together? Why would I still want to be with someone who lives with his wife’s family like you? Are you still thinking about the matter of me confessing to you during the school period? Have you been feeling proud about it all these years? To be frank, that was fake. I deceived you, you idiot! Think about it, what benefits did you get from following Maya Howards all day? When something happened to your family, did she help you? I’m afraid she has long forgotten who you are!”
Alex glance at her. “Thea Stone, don’t be cynical about the integrity of others. For Hubert’s sake, I’ll take you a stalking nonsense if you try to badmouth me with a few words. If you keep badmouthing Maya, I’ll still slap you.”
After being looked at by Alex, Thea suddenly had a feeling of being watched by a devil as a chill rose in her heart for no reason. It felt as if she would die at any time.
She was flabbergasted by such a feeling in herself, but she dared not retort Alex in the end.
Hubert felt a bit awkward, so he changed the topic. “Alex, this is…?”
Alex introduced. “She’s a doctor in California, Cheryl Coney.”
Cheryl added, “I’m his girlfriend.”
“Then, Dorothy Ass*x…”
“They got divorced.”


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