The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1134

However, just a moment before it happened, a bullet came shooting from the left.
Before Giovanni could open fire to kill Soraya, the bullet hit the gun in his hand and exploded.
The exploded parts of the gun shattered to the ground. Immediately after, five members from the Divine Constabulary all rushed in.
Soraya, who had just escaped death, said gloomily, “Everyone, be careful. This guy is an Earth rank warrior, and his martial arts skills are high. The information we got before this was seriously skewed.”
One of the Divine Constabulary members said, “F*ck, what the hell? How could they get this so wrong? It’ll end up killing people!”
Soraya decided determinedly. “Do it. Don’t hold back anything. Kill him without any mercy!”
Now that they knew Giovanni was an Earth rank warrior, if they still had the intentions to take him back alive, it wasn’t called having principles but plain stupidity!
Bang, bang, bang!
The gunfire started up again.
This time, the people from the Divine Constabulary were putting in their group effort to take action against Giovanni.
However, Giovanni rushed into his office and shut the doors immediately. At the same time, the people in the Golden Tower had suddenly started panicking.
Gunshots were being fired, and it sounded like a battle going on. How could they stand it?
The guests from the first to the third floor quickly dropped whatever they held in their hands and ran out in a panic.
Then, the panic spread to the ground floor.
“Gunshots!” someone yelled.
Then, the entire place descended into chaos.
There were at least hundreds of people who had squeezed through and crowded on the ground floor, and it was packed like sardines, and it was practically impenetrable. It was initially a rowdy atmosphere and fun, but it was obvious that your own life was more important in a life and death situation.
Then, a big group of people ran out like a tidal wave that had been released.
During this period, serious stampede accidents also occurred.
Cheryl grabbed Alex’s hand, a look of shock upon her face as she looked at him.
“Don’t worry. No one can hurt you while I’m here!” Alex said.
However, Thea yelled, “Hey, Rockefeller, is there something wrong with your head?! Why are you still acting like you’re so great at a time like this? Do you think you’re the superhero, Ironman? Hurry up and run!”
“Run? For what? My emeralds are still here!” Alex said.
“Is your life more important, or the emeralds? Hurry up! Cheryl, grab him and go!”
Why was Thea suddenly so passionate about him and insisted on making Alex escape?
That was because, after he left, all the emeralds here wouldn’t be returned to Alex, so it would all be a wasted effort! Of course, she would be happy about it! Unfortunately, Alex and Cheryl didn’t move.
Alex had absolute confidence in himself, and Cheryl naturally had confidence in him.
“A man will do anything in his means to become rich, is that it? You can fend for yourselves, then!”
After saying that, Thea ran away on her own.
As for Hubert, she didn’t even think about him as the catastrophe happening in front of her was imminent. At this moment, there was a guy who decided to take the risk and be greedy, wanting to take the emerald that was as big as a human head from Alex. He rushed forward, intending to grab it and make a run for it Unfortunately for him, Alex caught him.
“You want to steal it? Do you have the capabilities to do so?”
Alex directly kicked him, sending the guy flying through the air.
Simultaneously, Soraya was trying to figure out how to deal with Giovanni as she stood outside his office when a gigantic fishing net suddenly fell from above, trapping three Divine Constabulary team members, including Soraya, inside it.
Tire remaining few members were hacked to death by knives in the few disciples’ hands from the Golden Tower who had appeared behind them.


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