The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1135

“Carl, Lina, Devon!”
“Giovanni Winn, you are so daring to kill the people from my Divine Constabulary. Your fault has doubled. My Divine Constabulary will never let you go!”
Soraya watched as her people were hacked to death, and her eyes were wide open and fixed upon them, and she roared out loud. Her beautiful eyes were bloodshot. However, as a result, the fishing net was tightened around them with a rope.
The three inside were immediately wrapped up like a dumpling, unable to move their hands and feet freely, and had practically become lambs ready for slaughter.
At this moment, Giovanni walked out of his office, a cold, dark look upon his face.
He raised his leg and kicked Soraya. “What’s so great about the Divine Constabulary? I just need one hand to kill ten of trash like you. Coming to my Golden Tower looking for your deaths, you’re really so bold.”
After pondering for a moment, he decided that Alex, who could see emeralds inside the ores, was more important than this, so he couldn’t let him get away.
Therefore, be instructed, “Deal with them, then bury them in the back mountain! Oh, but wait. This woman doesn’t look too bad. Keep her locked up. I’ll subdue her properly later.”
The few disciples there laughed out loud.
As for Soraya, her face changed drastically, her heart beating wildly when she heard that.
What women feared the most was not death but the fact that they couldn’t die even if they wanted to and would be abused by men. It would be better to die than live in that situation.
She regretted it so much right now. She was the one who had strongly requested for this mission. She felt that she could bring Giovanni Winn to justice. Even at the beginning, one of the Divine Constabulary Guardians had wanted to come along, but she had refused his help.
As a result, not only did her mission fail, she had also gotten her subordinates killed.
Giovanni didn’t linger any longer, as he was afraid that Alex would get away. He spat another instruction, “Watch that kid in my office properly. He might still be useful.”
Then, he hurriedly headed toward the ground floor with the security guard that had previously come to report Alex to him.
At this moment, the number of people on the ground floor had gone down to ahnost nothing. The scene that had people packed like sardines no longer existed. Apart from the people who were from the Golden Tower and a few who had close relationships with the place and some more courageous people, everyone else had run away.
Of course, Alex and Cheryl were still there.
The security guard pointed at Alex and Cheryl and said to Giovanni, “Boss, that’s the guy. He bought a total of seventeen ores, and all of them had emeralds in them. The most valuable one is ore no. 3 on the stone cutting platform. Tire emerald is as big as a head, and the texture is great. Sister Apple said that it’s worth at least one billion.”
Giovanni breathed a sigh of relief.
The guy hadn’t left. It made things so much simpler. He glanced at the emeralds that had been cut out from the ores once again, and his smile widened upon his face.
As Giovanni walked to the ground floor, the people around opened their mouths to greet him.
“Hello, boss!”
“Hello, President Winn!”
All of them had respectful attitudes, as though they were welcoming a supreme king. As for the gunshots that had sounded out just now, no one asked about it. No one dared to.
“Hahaha, brother, your luck isn’t bad. To be able to pick out so many emeralds, congratulations!”
The bright, wide smile upon Giovanni’s face as he looked at Alex made it seem like he was looking at a peerless tool. When the security guard had come to report to him about this matter at first, he didn’t quite dare to believe it. That was because there was no such powerful person in the world. Even if he used the most advanced scanning equipment in the world, it was impossible to tell whether there were emeralds inside the ore or not.
But now, looking at all the emeralds that had been cut out, he believed it.
Alex glanced at Giovanni, and he was slightly surprised.


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