The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1136

While Soraya couldn’t see the extent of Giovanni’s strength, Alex could identify it at a single glance. Advanced Earth rank!
As expected, a person who could do such a business in a place like this really couldn’t be any common person. However, though nothing was weighing up on his mind, he was a bit puzzled about the gunshots he heard from upstairs just now.
Could it be that the people from the Divine Constabulary had already made their move? But, it was over in such a short time, wasn’t that a little too fast?
Also, Giovanni had appeared here unscathed, and that was a little unreasonable. Even if Giovanni wasn’t the person they were going to deal with, he was still the owner of this place, and he should be dealing with what had happened upstairs.
‘Then, had something happened to those from the Divine Constabulary?’
In addition, Hubert had not made an appearance either. His voice was steady and cairn when he said, “My luck today is indeed good, but I have a small problem. When I wanted to leave with my emeralds just now, the attendant seemed unhappy and said that I had to wait for her boss to arrive before leaving. So, you’re the boss, right? Are you going to take a photo with me or something?”
Giovanni smiled and said, “A photo? That’s a good idea! I haven’t taken a photo with anyone for a long time! But, I’m curious, bro, how did you manage to pick ores that all had emeralds inside it?”
Alex replied, “Luck! Didn’t Boss Winn just say that my luck was good?”
Giovanni’s smile widened even more as he said, “Bro, the saying goes that ‘a straightforward person doesn’t resort to insinuations’. It isn’t as simple as ‘luck’ for you to get all seventeen emeralds front the ores. Bro, you have some sort of magical skills, right? My name is Giovanni Winn, and I’m the owner of the Golden Tower. I usually like making friends with people like you! How about coming to my office for a cup of tea and let’s talk, hm?”
Alex shook his head. “I’m not interested. I just want to leave with my emeralds.”
“Aren’t you going to give me some face?”
“I don’t even know you, so why should I?” Alex replied lightly.
The female attendant previously sneered and said, “It’s an honor for Boss Winn to invite you for tea, and you shouldn’t reject our boss’s sincerity. Not everyone can afford to let down our boss’s sincerity.”
“Is that so? Then, what does Boss Winn want to talk to me about?”
“A cooperation! I have some connections in Myanmar, and you can have your pick of ores there. Since you have such a skill, Bro, we should cooperate in an emerald business. I’ll give you 30% of the money earned. What do you say?”
Alex shook his head. “No.”
Giovanni’s face became cold instantly. “So, you insist on doing things the hard way? Do you know the consequences of not cooperating with me? You don’t want to have a rich and prosperous life but insist on walking a dead end?”
The female attendant, Apple, spoke again, “Don’t be stupid. You’re going up against Boss Winn. If you can’t please him, you’ll let the opportunity of a great future pass you by just like that! Also, your woman is so beautiful. You have to think about the consequences. She might even end up becoming some other men’s play thing. ”
Cheryl’s heart thumped, and a cold sweat broke out in her hand that was holding Alex’s.
It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t nervous at all.
Alex delivered a slap right across Apple’s face.
The blow saw Apple turn and fall to the floor. When she landed, she spat a mouthful of teeth, all drenched in blood.
“So nosy!”
Apple covered her face, a look of res entment and shock upon her face. She didn’t understand. How dare Alex take the first
step and make a move like this at a time like this?
Was he not afraid of death?
Giovanni smiled.
It was a ruthless, vicious smile.
“It looks like you won’t turn around if you don’t hit a dead end! You seem to care about your female partner a lot. I’ll strip her and hang her up then. Let’s see if your mouth will still be reluctant to admit your mistake!”
Alex’s eyes flashed. “You’ll regret saying those words.”
Giovanni shook his head. “I never regret anything.” Having said that, he waved his hand.
The dozens of disciples that stood behind him stepped forward, surrounding Alex and Cheryl.


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