The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1264

Paige screamed in surprise. Her face turned pale. She rushed over to him.
The man was lying on the ground, so she did not see very clearly at first what was going on. But when she turned the man over, she felt as if her whole body was struck by lightning. She stiffened. The next second, she shrieked and vomited.
She saw there was a large hole on her husband’s shirt near the chest. There was also a large hole in his body.
His heart was no longer there. That area looked like a piece of rag.
The person was dead long ago.
Despite seeing so much blood in today’s exhibition hall auction where nearly twenty arms were broken, and Theodore’s legs cut off by Gervinho, that bloody scene was incomparable to the one before her right now.
“The devil! This must be the act of the devil!”
She mumbled and was lost in thought.
At this moment, she heard a voice from the side.
Paige had just entered the house and did not pay attention. Only at this moment did she realize a woman was sitting in the dining room of her home. At a closer look, it was her niece, Carol Rockefeller. At this moment, she was slowly eating a bowl of noodles.
“You… it’s you! Carol, did you kill my husband?”
She rushed over only to see the bowl of noodles in front of Carol. It was blood red and had a pungent smell of blood. It was not a dressing at all, but blood!
‘Yes, it was her own husband’s blood!’
Paige shrieked and sat on the floor on her buttocks. She looked at Carol with terrified eyes. Is this still her niece that she knew? It was almost like a demon crawling out of hell. She subconsciously asked, “You… You are drinking my husband’s blood?”
Carol lifted her head and licked her lips. She licked the blood clean.
Carol said indifferently, “Your husband’s blood was not good to drink at all. He must have been with many women out there. The body is contaminated! By killing him, I‘m helping you! Not only did I help you get rid of countless cuckolds, but I also gave you freedom! In the future, you can be with whichever man you want, for example, that male subordinate of yours, Leonard!”
When Paige heard that, she froze. Leonard was her secret lover!
No one in the company knew about it at all, and she had had that affair quite stealthily.
But, how did Carol know?
The key reason she coveted that handsome and cute male subordinate was for his young age and muscular body. She did not plan to have a long-term relationship with him. After all, she had a son, and she simply did not want to divorce her husband to start a family with that handsome and cute male subordinate. Moreover, he was only twenty years old. At her age, she could be his mother.
“You… How did you become like this? With this kind of behavior, are you even a normal human?” Paige was fearful of impending disaster and panicked as she looked at Carol as if she was looking at a hungry ghost.
“Of course, I am a normal human. In fact, I am much better than a normal person!”
Carol stood up.
She released an aura of a martial artist, shaking the table in front of her, and violently moved the table aside.
It hit the opposite wine cabinet, and seven or eight bottles of wine fell, spilling the wine all over the floor.
“Did you mess up the auction?”
“I heard that Brittany used only one dollar to buy all of our Rockefeller family’s shares in Rockefeller Group, didn’t she?”


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