The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1285

“Documents?” “What documents? Do you mean the documents in this document holder?”
A few of the shareholders came to their senses. They quickly opened the document holder in front of them and took out pieces of paper from within. After fixing their eyes on the documents, their expressions changed drastically at the same time.
This was indeed similar to what happened to Paige Rockefeller.
These documents contained all the records of bribery involving these shareholders during their time in the company. There was solid proof of all their wrongdoings. Apart from that, there were also records of crimes they had committed in the last ten years.
For example, there was the shareholder who complained the most, Leslie Wolvendom.
Although he wasn’t involved in many bribery cases, he molested a few young girls using lowly means three years ago. There was solid evidence of those incidents, and on top of that, he even hired someone to break another person’s legs and threatened the victim’s family members… If such evidence were to be collectively handed to the officials, this fellow would have to at least go to prison for ten years.
After the nine people finished reading the documents, they all plopped down limply in their chairs.
After that, some people also felt reluctant.
Never mind selling off their shares at half the market price. Based on how Madame Brittany Rockefeller would take over Rockefeller Group and cooperate with Lush Cosmetics, that huge potential was what each of the shareholders vyed for. The value that this cooperation could rake up would be immeasurable.
They really were reluctant to give it up.
“Ms. Rockefeller! I’m willing to pay back twice the amount of the money I stole from the company. Ms. Rockefeller, please don’t repurchase my shares, alright? I’ll do whatever you ask of me!” one of the old shareholders stood up and begged. “Regardless of anything else, we’ve been through a lot with Rockefeller Group. One should always show some mercy,” he added.
“Mercy?” Madame Brittany chuckled coldly while she looked at the shareholder who spoke. “Ryan Lakewood, is there any mercy to be shared between us? Even if there was, it’d be my mercy for you! Meanwhile, what could you possibly have against me? If you bothered to show me any mercy, you wouldn’t have immediately sided with John Rockefeller a year ago when something bad happened to William and me!”
After Madame Brittany finished speaking, that person opened his mouth but couldn’t say a single thing.
“Alright, the nine of you can leave the conference room right now. Go and sort out the stocks trade,” Madame Brittany said while waving her hand.
“Come with me!” Maya Howards instantly said.
Those nine shareholders looked at each other, and they refused to leave right away.
Maya laughed coldly. “Are you not going to leave? I can responsibly tell you that you might still get a fifty percent discount if you sign the contract today. Once I change my mind, it might not be a fifty percent discount anymore. Instead… I’ll buy all the shares you own with a single dollar.”
As soon as Maya said this, the facial expressions of a few of the shareholders changed drastically.
Last night, Paige had sold over fifty one perfect of Rockefeller Group’s shares to Madame Brittany at the price of one dollar. The news spread around shareholder group chats in Rockefeller Group. Clearly, everyone knew about what happened the night before.
Madame Brittany had summoned Thousand Miles Conglomerate, the Summers family, and the Yowell family in one go. These were all powerful people with huge influences. At any point, if there was a disagreement, they could easily chop off Paige’s legs and take over her shares with brute force.
These shareholders couldn’t even be compared to Paige. How would they go against that?
“I… I agree to sign!”
One of them stood up and succumbed. The others couldn’t withstand the pressure either. They had no choice but to willingly sell their shares.
At this point, the shares Madame Brittany possessed surpassed seventy percent of the total shares.
Despite having to spend lots of money, causing a lot of distress for Rockefeller Group, and creating a dire lack of working capital, Madame Brittany immediately announced her strategy. Rockefeller Group would become a subsidiary of Lush Cosmetics, and it would become the most extensive production base for Lush Cosmetics’ products.
Clap! Clap! Clap!
As soon as Madame Brittany said this, the remaining shareholders all started clapping.
In the blink of an eye, two days had passed.
For the past two days, Rockefeller Group’s share price hit the raising limit each day. Although Lush Cosmetics wasn’t listed, its influences on the beauty and cosmetics industry were already taking effect.
Meanwhile, Alex Rockefeller was surprisingly unoccupied for these few days.


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