The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1289

When Sky said that, Alex noticed the sheer helplessness in his eyes. He looked as if he was about to cry.
‘I guess it’s only reasonable.’
‘Old lady… I’m guessing it’s Soraya’s grandmother, Lexia. She’s considered an extremely important figure in the family, considering she’s one of the president’s wives.’
‘As one of the team leaders in Divine Constabulary, it was only normal for Sky to be extra careful with her.’
‘The lady is quite old. If anything were to happen to her in his home, or if she just died right there and then, he would be in big trouble.’
“Did she come alone? And just moved into your place?” Alex asked.
“Alone? There were eight of them! All women! How could I handle all of that?” Sky started complaining. “I can’t even go home now. When I do, I’d be scared for my life, scared that something might happen to any of them.”
After hearing this, Alex almost snorted in laughter.
“Why didn’t they come look for me instead?” Alex asked with a smile.
Sky replied. “You and your aunt have made such a commotion in Alaska. Besides, you’re the president’s grandchild, so I guess they were just trying to avoid conflict. That’s why they wanted me to be the middleman. But I’ve been handling them for days! I can’t go on anymore. All they do now is play poker in the constabulary in the morning and head back to bed at my place! How can we work properly like this?”
Alex pondered for a few seconds.
‘Soraya and the others have been trapped in Moonlight Lake for like, five days. I guess it’s time to release them.’
‘Five days is enough time for a lot of things to happen. I’ll show them mercy since we’re relatives.’
“Alright then, let’s go to Moonlight Lake!”
After that, the three headed straight to their destination.
In the middle of the lake, Shaun, Lochlan, and the other four half-stepped grandmasters were lying on the deck like dead fish. All of them looked like they were about to take their last breath.
Even grandmasters needed food and water to survive, after all.
They had sufficient water all around them, but it felt awful having to starve for five days. Not only did they lack food, but they were utterly unable to make contact with the outside world. This was just pure torture.
“If I get out one day, I will definitely kill that Rockefeller b*stard! No, I would kill his entire family! I would kill his entire bloodline!” Shaun laid there as he mumbled to himself, filled with hatred and bloodthirst As a grandmaster that had been praised and worshipped, he had never experienced such torment in his lifetime.
Just then, an old lady’s voice rang in their ears. “Whose bloodline are you going to kill?”
Upon hearing this, all of them shuddered.
It’s been five days!
After five days of being trapped in an unknown space, they felt as if they were caged in from the entire world. It seemed as if not even a fish could enter their area, let alone humans.
Hence, when they heard a stranger’s voice, all were extremely excited and overwhelmed.
“Who’s there?”
“Who said that?”
They turned around and found another boat silently coming their way from the east side of the lake.
“How is this possible?”
They had tried getting out from the east multiple times. Hence they had no idea how this boat found its way in. Lochlan was so overwhelmed that he was going to cry. “Madame Lexia! It’s Madame Lexia! Madame, I’m Lochlan, I’m right here!” he screamed.
The one who spoke up a while ago was the second wife in the Melvis family, Lexia Rogers.
There were many people on the deck of the other boat. Alex, Sky, Anna, and the other few women from the Melvis family, such as Soraya’s mother, Stephanie Rogers, were also present.
Just then, Alex spoke up nonchalantly. “Guardian Baker, were you the one who wanted to end my bloodline?”
Upon hearing that voice, Shaun turned his head towards the deck. He knew this voice all too well. It belonged to that bastard, Rockefeller.
‘If it weren’t for him, how would I be stuck in the middle of Moonlight Lake, unable to get out?’
He then noticed Alex sitting at the side of the ship, watching him with scorn.
“Looks like you still haven’t learned your lesson after getting trapped here for five days. You should continue staying here then!”
Shaun said, “How dare you? You may be an Elder in the Divine Constabulary, but I’m one of the Great Guardians! You’re crossing the line here! Are you trying to turn traitor?”
He then turned to Lexia. “Madame, this man is colluding with Zachary Xavier! He’s an international secret agent, pretending to be the president’s grandchild. Arrest him now! Else he’s going to cause trouble!”


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