The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1436

“I didn’t kiss your feet. I just smelled it.”

Yuno’s expression became even weirder. “Isn’t that still considered to be perverted? Do you like the smell of stinky feet? Your expression just now just betrays what you feel inside your heart. I saw everything. You can’t deny it, you little pervert!”

Alex face palmed. How did he know that Yuno would suddenly wake up again?

“Did you have something to do since you came back out again?” He changed the subject.

“Of course!” Yuno replied.

Then, she pointed at her body. “I don’t have much time, but it seems that this body has yet to begin training, and you still haven’t taught her any cultivation technique, and that’s why after so many days already, her physical body’s foundation is still the same, bad. If this goes on, I don’t think she can reach Spirit Severing within three years. So, I’m thinking of whether or not I should just take over.”

Alex was startled when he heard it. “No! Don’t take over just like that, I’m thinking of a way… Because my cultivation techniques are unique, and I can’t teach it to her, but I know someone, and they should be able to help.”

Yuno nodded. “The Rockefeller family’s exercises are not suitable for women. How about this, you don’t have to ask anyone else, I have a better way. I’ll teach you, and then you can teach it to her! I can lay down the cultivation foundation for her in her body now so that it won’t be difficult.”

The set of exercises Yuno had was called Heaven’s Phoenix Dance Imprint. As the name suggested, using the hand to imprint is the primary method of the exercises.

Come to think of it. It had something to do with her index finger attached to Phoebe, which was easy to practice. The techniques were divided into thirteen fingerprints in total.

Alex’s conscious comprehension was also excellent, but he was stunned that even with his big brain capacity, when the fifth fingerprint evolved in the sea of his consciousness, he became confused. His brain was just messed up, and he couldn’t continue anymore. However, it was easy to imagine that this was definitely an effective technique.

“Okay, with the current strength of your spiritual consciousness, it’s already pretty good that you can evolve until the fifth fingerprint. So, let’s stop here. By the time Phoebe cultivates to the fifth fingerprint, it won’t be too late to start learning the others by then either.”

After a pause, she continued, “You have the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six, but the sword moves you throw out are inferior to ordinary warriors, and it’s completely cropped. Alright, I happen to have a set of swordsmanship, so I’ll give it to you!”

The sword technique that Yuno gave to Alex was called Thousand Sword Tactics!

It just so happened to fit him, who had a lot of swords. Once it was cultivated to the peak, it would be like a hundred swords converged together, and ten thousand swords would be born from it. The power behind the techniques was extremely powerful.

After teaching this set of swordsmanship to Alex, Yuno intended to once again return to slumber because her soul power had been severely damaged and had yet to recover fully… There was one thing that Alex didn’t understand. Yuno’s soul was not complete, and it was actually impossible for her to take over Phoebe’s body, so she was just spouting empty threats.

“Wait a bit. I still have something I want to consult you about,” Alex said to Yuno.

“Go ahead! It can’t be that you want to kiss these feet, right? After I go back to my slumber, you can kiss whatever you want. You can hold them to sleep for all I care.”

Alex looked at her feet, then shook his head, speechless.

“I didn’t say I want to kiss your feet. What I want to ask is, how much do you know about the Chaos Bead? Is there any way to use it? Or is there any means of using it as an offense to protect my own life?”

Yuno shook her head. “I don’t know either, because I’ve never used it. But, it should be a very awesome thing! Rumor has it that you even avoid heaven’s fate for you. But, right now, you’re just too weak, so it’s no point thinking of this at the moment.”


“Yeah! But, if you can collect all the broken Chaos Beads, then it will become a super treasure.”

Yuno soon fell back into her slumber.

When Phoebe woke up, the ship had already docked at Michigan’s No.3 Pier. Just as Alex brought her off the ship, a group of warriors in black clothes rushed over. At first glance, the one who led them was Azure.

“Brother Alex, I knew that you must be alive. With your capabilities, how could you die for no reason?” Azure looked a little excited as he exclaimed.

Alex noticed that the people behind him were all from Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

He smiled and patted Azure on the shoulder. “Why are you here? Did Waltz ask you to come?”

Azure nodded, then he said in a low voice, “Brother Alex, Waltz has gotten into trouble.”


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