The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1438

Cheryl had been worried for the entire night and half the day. At this moment, it was already noon the next day since the accident happened.

She heaved a sigh, and half sobbed.

Alex found that Waltz was not among the group who had come to them, and his gaze turned cold immediately. He glanced at the banners and said, “Where’s Waltz? Where is she?”

Brittany replied, “Waltz accidentally killed Magistrate Larsen’s niece, and once the Larsen family found out, they started to exert their strength. They gathered a large group of people who were idle and came out here to cry out their grievances. Many reporters on the scene were not only from Michigan but also from California. There are also some from Missouri, and the number is huge.”

“Which Larsen family? Was it Alaska’s, or…” Alex said, his gaze was still cold.

When Phoebe heard this, her face paled.

If it were her father, Alex would destroy the Larsen family for Waltz’s sake. Forget about how Phoebe was Alex’s childhood friend or how her mother was his father’s colleague. She knew that Waltz’s status and herself were completely different. He would be willing to draw a line with the world if it was for Waltz’s sake.

“It isn’t Magistrate Larsen! Not long ago, there was news from Alaska. Alaska’s Larsen family had told the outside world that they had severed all ties with Wayne Larsen and that the patriarch of the Larsen family had severed the relationship between father and son,” Brittany said.

Geronimo only had complaints. “This Grayson Larsen, I’m afraid he’s just a fool! He doesn’t want such a good son. His second son, Wade Larsen, I’ve seen him a couple of times. He’s incapable and narrow-minded, and it will be difficult for him to become a useful person.”

When Phoebe heard that, she breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Wayne and Grace had also received the news and rushed over, and the reunited family embraced.

Grace quickly moved to hug Alex also. “Alex, are you alright? The ones who did this, was it Leviathan Gate?”

Alex’s eyes flashed. “Let’s talk about this later, Aunt Grace. I heard that my junior sister killed your niece. What do you think of this matter?”

Grace glanced at him and said, “Did you think that I would turn against you for Judy’s sake? What’s so great about her? Someone who bites the hands that feed her, so what if she’s dead? Do you know what attitude she had toward my daughter’s accident?!”

Alex shook his head.

“Hmph, she was overjoyed. Because that way, she would become the wife of Joel Quarters.”

“Ugh… She likes Joel?”

“It‘s so obvious!”

“I understand. Thank you, Aunt Grace!”

“We’re all in this together. Why are you so polite for? I really do treat you as my son-in-law. I’ll leave our Phoebe in your care… Did you return from the sea this time? What happened in the middle of the sea? Did you manage to take her? As a man, you have to take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, I can help you create opportunities.”

Alex was embarrassed when he heard this.

She was actually encouraging others to ensnare her daughter and also offered to give inside help. Such a mother was indeed unique, right?


When they walked into the club, Alex saw Waltz, who wasn’t as nervous or frustrated as he had imagined she would be. Instead, she wore a traditional garb as she stood in front of the window, holding a glass of red wine and slowly sipping, enjoying the taste.

The way she looked at the banners was as if they were all jokes.

“Waltz!” Alex spoke.

Waltz turned around with a slight smile, her charm overflowing from her body as usual. “Senior, you’re back.”

Her tone was calm as if greeting a family member who had just gotten off work. However, from her bloodshot eyes, one could tell how she was truly feeling on the inside.

“No one troubled you, right?” Alex said as he walked over to her.

“No, just some scum outside. They’re not even worth my time… How about you? I knew that no one could kill you. Anyone who could isn’t even born yet! But it seems like you’ve got a good harvest. You’ve hooked up with yet another beauty.”

Hearing and seeing Waltz’s every word and action, Phoebe felt a little discouraged.

Waltz’s temperament was just too strong, and it was hard for Phoebe to feel flattered by her words.

Just at this moment, Richard Dodge, the club’s young owner, came forward. “Young Master Alex, Second Young Master Joel would like to meet with you. What do you think?”


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