The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1445

And so, Freya Mayer stopped. With a contemptuous gaze, she said, “I was just testing out your reaction. Although you have good speed, it’s a pity you’re just an ordinary person in the end. You’re way behind your father! Taking the Stake of Exorcism from you will only benefit you. There are no cons in doing that. Consider it as me keeping it safe for you. Once you have the same achievements as your father, you can come and take it back from me.”

As she spoke, she reached out to take the Stake of Exorcism from Alex’s hands. She didn’t expect that in the next second, Alex would move.

Not only did he avoid her hands, but he also grabbed her wrist. “It’ll better if I keep it safe myself! Your Nine Symbol Incantation is useless towards me!” he snapped.

“What?! How is that possible?!” gasped an astounded Freya.

She had already brought out the most potent technique, and that was the Nine Symbol Incantation that she had cast. She had actually held back and used only 30% of her strength, afraid that Alex wouldn’t be able to bear the blow and die.

30%, however, was already powerful enough!

Unexpectedly, it was completely useless!

More importantly, Alex was grabbing her wrist right now. It felt as though it was clamped in a vice grip, and she was unable to shake it off.

Freya was infuriated.

Rage burned through her body as she yelled, “Let go!”

A burst of bloodline power came forth from her wrist, and she exerted 50% of her power.

Despite all that, however, she didn’t expect Alex to be still holding onto her wrist.

“Let go of me!” This time, she exerted 80% of her power.

However, it was still useless.

Freya finally panicked and thought to herself, ‘What kind of monster is this guy? Even after I used 80% of my bloodline power, the power of the dragon, I still can’t get him to let go of me?! How much power does he actually have in his hands?!’

Then, what if she used all her power?

She was about to try again, but Alex didn’t give her another chance.

He grasped her wrist tightly, then violently tugged and twisted it. Freya’s body was thrown into the air by an obscene force. She flew through the air, her back hitting the wall nearby with a sickening boom.

“D*mn it!”

Freya’s back ached and hurt badly, but how could she accept defeat like that?

She instantly turned around, slamming her leg against the wall to push off, using the momentum to propel herself high in the air, her leg raised.

But in the end, a hand fell on her thigh, causing her entire body was pinned up against the wall. She was unable to move.

Alex’s pressed his body tightly against her as he whispered, “Woman wearing a skirt… It’s getting chilly. Be careful not to catch a cold!”


Right about then, hysterical laughter could be heard coming from the entrance of the hotel.

Two men walked out from there. The older one was Darven Mikhail, while the other looked to be in his forties. He was tall and had long rectangle baggage strapped to his back. He was also dressed like a salesman from decades ago.

The laughter came from the one who looked like a salesman.

Darven said, “I told you so, that Lady Mayer may not be able to get the upper hand on Alex. As the saying goes, with a distinguished father, the son is sure to do well too. How can Master William’s son be any worse than him? Do you believe it now, Zayne?”

It turned out that this was the fourth person Susan had mentioned, one of the Drifters, Zayne York!

Freya was wearing a skirt, and because of her agitated and hurried state just now, she had opened her legs wide, almost doing a split. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was wearing a skirt until Alex grabbed her thigh and pressed her against the wall. If one didn’t take a good look, it would appear as though Alex was doing something inappropriate toward her.

Embarrassed and frustrated, she nearly blew her top.


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