The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1456

Xyla smiled and turned to Shamus. “So how’s that, Mr. Wilson? You believe us, right? Now that the contract is signed don’t try to pull any tricks on us! I’ll bring someone along to take over Mercy Hospital in a week.”

Shamus looked as if he had lost his entire family, an exceedingly sorrowful look now adorning his face. However, he didn’t want to admit defeat this soon. “We’re not even sure if the cancer cells in her body have descended to the normal rate! You can’t see that with the naked eye, so she must go through a checkup first.”

“Looks like you’re not satisfied with the outcome, huh? Go ahead and check then!”

There were many hospitals in Michigan that could check the density of cancer cells in one’s body. Hence, the results were out within two hours. It would seem that everything was normal.

This indicated that Alice’s cancer was completely cured.


Shamus fell on his butt. He just couldn’t believe it.

“That’s not possible. How is that possible? How could such a miracle pill exist? No man has ever found a special cure for cancer in this day and age!”

Xyla replied. “Nothing’s impossible. If you do think that some things are, you simply lack knowledge.”

After pausing for a brief while, she continued. “You have one week! If you don’t cooperate with us, I will let you taste the Stoermer family’s hidden power. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see that, right?”

The color drained from Shamus’ face.

He was sad that his precious hospital would now be in someone’s hands, especially after all the time and effort that he’d put into managing it. However, he knew that he didn’t stand a chance against the Stoermers of Michigan, hence all he could do was accept their terms. Just as Alex and the others were planning on leaving, Shamus called out to them. “Wait, that pill. The rejuvenation pill, I mean. Can you please give me one?”

Alex shook his head. “A rejuvenation pill can help prolong one’s life for ten years. It can even make one’s body turn ten years younger, and it can cure hundreds of diseases. Do you really think I’d just give it to you like it’s some dollar store candy?”

Shamus froze.

‘Right… Why would he give such a miracle pill away that easily?’

‘If this were put up for auction to the international market, this would most definitely cause an uproar for being able to cure stage four cancer alone. The rich of this world would definitely try to get their hands on it. When that happens, it would be auctioned at an unimaginably high price.’

“Then, can I ask what you’d be doing to the hospital once you’ve taken it?”

Upon receiving Shamus’ question, Alex pondered and said, “I’d give it to someone else, someone who would actually put it to good use. The hospital would then be renamed as Ganoderma, managed by the one and only Immortal Doctor so everyone in America shall receive proper treatment.”

At first, he didn’t really put much thought into this. All Alex wanted to do was crush Shamus.

Now that he thought about it, this was a very suitable gift for Cheryl. As a doctor herself and a descendant of the Immortal Doctor, it was a waste for her to stay cooped up in the current Ganoderma. Moreover, with the help of both Guilherme Extraordinaire and the miracle doctor of California, she should manage a much more advanced hospital that would suit her current status.

“Immortal Doctor?” Shamus was shocked to his core. “Is… Is it really the actual Immortal Doctor? The lord of all medical clans… Could it be that the Immortal Doctor was reborn?”

Alex took a glance at him. “Looks like you know quite a lot, huh?”

Shamus replied. “If it really is the actual Immortal Doctor, then feel free to manage my hospital. I would be willing to hand it over with no questions asked.”

Xyla smiled coldly. “We’re not managing your hospital. You lost it, remember? This is Alex’s hospital now.”

Upon hearing that, Shamus’ face flushed from embarrassment.

He was really willng to work under the Immortal Doctor, which would help him build his reputation as an oncologist. However, due to the lost bet, none of this would be relevant to him. His name would be tattered.

“I… May I stay at the hospital? I can be a normal doctor. All I ask is to be able to work in the same hospital as the almighty Immortal Doctor. I’m also more than willing to share my oncology research with the hospital.”

Seeing just how genuine Shamus’ eyes were, Alex could sense his passion for medicine. He nodded. “Fine, but ask her yourself later on!”

With this, the situation was settled.

Alex called Cheryl. “Cherry, I got a hospital for you. How does becoming dean sound like to you?”

However, he didn’t expect Cheryl to cry for help. “Alex, me, and Phoebe are in trouble! Can you come over? We’re at Seven Mile Springs right now.”


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