The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1461

Was there someone else in the hot spring?

There could not be somebody else other than Phoebe! So, it must be her!

Cheryl had gone to fetch some fruits. Alex, who was sitting at the opposite, had a relaxed expression. Alex felt slightly angry when the leg that he was holding seemed to be not hers… Yet, on the other hand, he thought that it was a little exciting and addictive to do such sneaky stuff.

Perhaps it was out of revenge, Alex also reached his leg out and soon stepped on Phoebe’s thigh.

Her slightly closed eyes shuddered violently, yet she still did not move.

Alex made a move again by slowly moving his leg upwards. This time, Alex was in a dilemma… Should he continue doing it?

Looking at Phoebe’s current expression, she seemed to have acquiesced to Alex’s frivolous act and had no intention to say anything. However, he could not possibly continue doing it!

Just when Alex decided to retreat, Phoebe suddenly grabbed his leg.

Alex struggled a bit but Phoebe grabbed it tightly and warned him with lip-sync. “Don’t move. Otherwise, I’ll tell Cheryl that you harassed me. The evidence is clear, your denial will be invalid.”

“What… What do you want to do?”

Alex perspired heavily as he saw Cheryl had returned with a fruit platter and gone into the water again. But then, he realized Phoebe was massaging his foot’s sole under the water.

She was no doubt a doctor. To his surprise, even the foot massage technique was quite professional and comfortable.

Previously, Alex was the one who gave massage to other people. This time, Phoebe took the initiative to give him a massage.

What an indulgence!

He was a bit reluctant to move his foot away. He thought, ‘Since it’s just a foot massage, it should be fine, right?’

“Phoebe, what do you want to eat? Help yourself, okay!” said Cheryl as she smiled.

Phoebe was busy underwater now. How could she have an extra hand to fetch the fruits?

Alex thought that she would just let off his leg like that. Unexpectedly, she smiled and said, “I’m kind of lazy in the hot spring now. I don’t really want to move. Why don’t you feed me?”

“Huh? You’re even too lazy to take the fruits with your hands?”

“Yeah! Otherwise, forget it then, I’m not going to eat. You two go ahead and eat. No need to care about me.” Cheryl smiled, but she still picked up a piece of fruit and stuffed it into Phoebe’s mouth.

Alex was dumbfounded. Never did he expect that Phoebe would do that. However, this feeling was somehow addictive. What should he do?

Especially when Phoebe was giving him a foot massage under the water, it was unknown if she was unintentional or intentional that he could always touch her stomach.


Compared to Alex’s comfort, someone was very anxious and angry.

Gill immediately rushed to the hospital right after he left the hot spring. However, this matter was truly embarrassing.

As the dignified Lord Commander’s grandnephew, how would he still be able to fool around with women if people were to find out that he had become impotent all of a sudden? It was not pleasant to be talked about behind his back.

So, when the car was driving halfway, he shouted to stop the car.

“Young Master Xenos, what’s wrong? Are we not going to the hospital anymore?” asked his bodyguard.

His other subordinate, Winel Grundy, also asked caringly, “Young Master Xenos, are you feeling it again? I find this so weird! How can someone just lose his senses for no reason? I’ve never heard about it before!”


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