The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1488

When she received the call from Alex, Cheryl thought it was to announce the good news, and she was in a good mood. “Alex, I’ve seen the news. Congratulations, you’ve managed to turn things around.”

However, Alex’s voice was hoarse. “Cheryl, something’s wrong with my mom. Hurry over and have Guilherme have a look at her.”

“Huh? What happened to your mother?”

“We’ll talk about it when you’re here.”

Cheryl was anxious.

Alex’s current medical skills were already several times better than hers. If even he was helpless, then Brittany was definitely in big trouble.

She didn’t hesitate nor stop in her steps as she rushed out the door, and she soon arrived at the Rockefeller Manor.


“Soul Substitute Lotus Seed?”

When Guilherme saw Brittany’s appearance, he could immediately tell.

Before the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds had broken, it had merged as one with the soul, and nothing wrong could be seen. This was also why Alex hadn’t been able to find anything wrong with Brittany before this. However, once the spiritual powers of Lotus Seed were exhausted, a powerful doctor would be able to tell at a glance.

“Guilherme, is there anything that can be done?” Alex asked.

Guilherme fell into deep thought and finally said, “Master, this is very tricky. Unless you can find new Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds immediately, the situation with your mother doesn’t look optimistic! But, it’s not an easy item to find, and I can only think of one other way.”

Alex immediately said, “Then, tell me.”

Everyone present thought the conversation Alex was having with Guilherme was strange. That was because Guilherme was a soul body, and only Alex and Cheryl could see and hear him.

The others who couldn’t help but think that Alex had gone out of his mind!

“Zharvakko’s Soul Sealing technique! ” Guilherme replied. “We’ll temporarily seal off your mother’s soul so that the remaining soul powers will not be lost or diminished, nor will it seep away. But during this time, your mother will be in a vegetative state. Also, your mother’s spiritual power is limited, and there is a time limit for the soul sealing technique. At most, she will have half a month. Master, you must find the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds within this time. Otherwise, it’s hard to say what will happen.”

Alex thought about it for a while, then nodded solemnly.

Half a month! Alex needed to find the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds within that time.

Soon, Alex, Guilherme, and Cheryl joined hands to perform Zharvakko’s Soul Sealing on Brittany.

As for Geronimo, through his various connections, he immediately sent out a message to look for the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds. At the same time, he had Zachary bring Quincy Zoppins to Rockefeller Manor in a hurry.

Alex needed to be prepared in all aspects.

As he used his channels to contact his connections, he mobilized others to start searching for the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds and even offered sky-high prices to purchase it. On the other hand, he made urgent arrangements to go into Caesar’s tomb personally.

Three hours later, Zachary had brought Quincy over. After not seeing him for a while, Quincy, who had initially been an ambitious, formidable person, had now been reduced to a skinny and tired man. The domineering ugliness that he once had had all but disappeared.

Quincy glanced at Alex and was taken aback before he angrily said, “It’s you! Why did you call for me here?”

He still didn’t know what Alex’s purpose was.

Alex didn’t beat around the bush and said straightforwardly. “Your senior, Zayne York, asked for me to free you.”

Quincy was stunned. “Zayne? Where is he?”

“He’s not here.”

“Hahahaha! Boy, you wanted me here because of the key to the tomb, right? I’m telling you, stop dreaming! I will never tell you. Without me, no one will be able to get the key! Since I’m already useless anyway, if you want to kill me or flay me, then just do it!”

Alex Shook his head and took out his phone, dialing Zayne’s number. “It’s Alex. Your junior doesn’t want to live anymore.”


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