The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1492

“Wrong, wrong, you’re all wrong!” Jack Hauffer stomped his feet over and over again in anger.

At this moment, Rhea’s father said, “Rhea, your information is too outdated. The Thousand Miles Conglomerate has not been destroyed. They have made a big comeback from the tough spot they were in. The officials have come out personally to clarify it, and all the companies under Thousand Miles have gone back to normal.”

“Not only that, in the Southern California Business Associations list of priorities, Thousand Miles Conglomerate was ranked first.”

When Rhea heard the news, she freaked out, and it felt like her entire person was about to explode.

“How was that possible?!”

“How could they have turned around the situation? It looked like it was already a dead end!”

“Department Six… Were the people from Department Six all fools? I heard gunshots from within Thousand Miles with my ears. There were a lot of soldiers with real guns and live ammunition occupying the Thousand Miles building. Were they all just acting?”

Rhea was an extremely arrogant and proud person. She would never be willing to admit her failure.

In the end, an old man walked in at this moment. This person was the chief steward of the Hauffer family, and he was a competent person. He hurried in and spoke to Jack, “Brother, I just got the news. The one who really holds power in Thousand Miles is not Waltz, but someone called Alex Rockefeller.”

Rhea immediately shouted, “I know, that man is Waltz’s man. It’s normal for Waltz to listen to his words usually, and he has good medical skills and is indeed somewhat capable. Still, compared to the powerful institution that is Department Six, he has nothing.”

The chief steward shook his head. “Miss Rhea, this Alex is not some random commoner. Do you recall who killed Easton and Viole Zimmer?”

Everyone present was taken aback. Everything had been going fine. Why did he suddenly bring up those people out of nowhere?

It was a taboo topic in Michigan.

The three parties at that time had already been severely warned. No one dared to breathe a single word about them.

However, there was no such thing as an impenetrable wall in this world. Even if there was, it was impossible to guard against the wind, which meant that there was nothing like an absolute secret.

There were still some big shots in Michigan who knew about the matter with Alex.

Governor Zimmer was still considered to be a noble, and Phoebe Larsen’s bodyguard had killed his son and daughter. Misfortune had befallen the Zimmer family, but the bodyguard was still safe and sound. There were many versions of speculation circulating outside, but it was apparent that the bodyguard’s identity was someone prominent.

“That bodyguard is Alex Rockefeller!”

“He’s the grandson of the Divine Constabulary’s president!”

“The Lord Commander chopped off the head of his grandnephew and sent it to the Rockefeller residence to make amends!”

As soon as the chief steward finished speaking, everyone sucked in their breath, surprised and shocked beyond words!

Jack slapped his head repeatedly. “It’s a sin, what a sin! A once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance for our Hauffer family to reach the highest peak in the country, and it has been wasted, just like that.”

Rhea fell to the ground on her butt, dumbfounded, regret rolling in her veins.

It was ridiculous that she had just been talking about how Azure was an idiot and that he would regret it sooner or later.

Now, in the end, the one who regretted it the most was her.


In the Ass*x family villa, the kitchen.


“I’ll give you a hand. I’ll wash this tomato. I’ll do that too!”

“Ah, Brother-in-law, I bought you a new apron. I’ll bring it for you now!”

From the moment Alex walked through the doors, Beatrice had been bustling around him. Even going into the kitchen, she had been excited to help him. The point was that she also seemed to be very dressed up. The weather was getting colder now, but she still exposed her two long legs with a skirt that was too short, only a dozen or so centimeters long. When Alex bent down a little to wash the vegetables, he could practically see what color her underwear was.

This enthusiasm made Alex a little afraid.

At this time, Dorothy came in from outside, and when she saw Alex, she said indifferently, “Alex, so you still remember I exist? I thought that you treated me like I’m transparent”

Alex turned his head to look and caught sight of Dorothy, who only looked more beautiful since the last time he saw her. Just as he was about to talk, a golden light flashed in his eyes unexpectedly, and he was surprised.

He could see that his wife was surging with spiritual energy, and he found that her self-cultivation was no weaker than his own.

What in the world was going on?


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