The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1496

“W-Who are you?”

Dorothy waved her hand. “Don’t worry. I’m still me. Dorothy Ass*x.”

“Then, what did you mean by what you said earlier?” Alex asked furthermore.

Dorothy shot back, “Do you know about the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation?”

Alex’s expression changed. He had inherited the Ultimate Book of Medicine and received a lot of knowledge on cultivation. This was especially true when he received the soul fragments of the monk, Revealer, where he also received a lot of information about Buddhism cultivation. Buddhism emphasized a lot on the cycle of reincarnation. There were also legends about how Buddhism also had a kind of holy artifact called Six Eternities which could control the true essence of reincarnation.

Daya also mentioned the reincarnation pool many times in her dreams, saying that she had jumped from the pool in her previous life.

Didn’t it sound absurd? Like some sort of fairy-tale?

However, it did indeed exist, but it was just not known to the people in the world.

“You mean you reincarnated from your previous life into Dorothy Ass*x? Then, who were you in your previous life?”

“I don’t know either.” Dorothy shook her head. “I just awakened the inheritance in my soul. As to who I was in my previous life, what I did, everything is vague. Anyway, I should have been a woman.”

“It’s okay if you don’t know,” Alex said. “It saves you a lot of worry and headache.”

Then, Dorothy spoke about the time she had awakened the inheritance in her soul. It was the day after the two had gone to apply for divorce, after the first time they had intercourse. With a boom, she had become the current Dorothy.

Alex wasn’t sure whether he should be proud or sad. sad.


Originally, Alex was still defensive about Aunt Rockefeller’s identity. However, now that he knew Dorothy had been the person pretending to be Aunt Rockefeller, the many doubts and vigilance he had put up in his heart melted away completely.

Some of the information that he hadn’t told Aunt Rockefeller before, he could new display it all openly.

Initially, Alex had planned to invite Aunt Rockefeller to go into the tomb together. Otherwise, he wouldn’tbe able to have enough confidence to do what he needed to do. However, now that he knew she was, in fact, Dorothy, he couldn’t help but think about not wanting her to accompany him into danger.

After knowing Alex’s thoughts, Dorothy sneered. “Am I some fragile glass, in your opinion? So you’re saying in the future, those who accompany you through life and death will never be the closest person to you? It can only be men and women who are outsiders? What kind of sh*t logic is that?

“Besides, if I want to head into the tomb, you can’t stop me with just the rank of Divine Transcendence.

“But, I will still use the identity of Aunt Rockefeller to go.”

Using a false identity was also very beneficial. No one knew that she was Dorothy, so naturally, it would be much safer. No one would come after Claire and Beatrice, as compared to the people in Alex’s family who were all trained, Claire and Beatrice were weak.

On the other hand, it would make some people feel jealous of a mysterious aunt behind Alex.

It wasn’t scary to be hostile toward Alex alone, but what about the countless super masters from Alex’s family?

Wouldn’t one be afraid?

That was how Zachary Xavier had been intimidated by Aunt Rockefeller in the beginning.

“Remember, Aunt Rockefeller’s identity is only known to you, and you alone. No one else can know. Otherwise, I won’t spare you!”

While eating dinner, Alex once again got to experience what they meant by the gentle and kindness of a mother-in-law. He almost felt like melting under Claire’s enthusiastic care and concern.

Only Dorothy’s expression was unnatural throughout the meal. He wasn’t sure what was on her mind, but every time she looked at him, her face would flush, and her heartbeat quickened to the point that it felt like she had taken some drug that excited her!

That night, Alex stayed in the Ass*x residence. They stayed entangled the entire night, going as fast as they could and living life to the fullest.

When they got up the next day, Alex and Dorothy were in good spirits, but Claire and Beatrice were sluggish compared to them. They had dark circles under their eyes, as though they had not slept the entire night.

“Mom, Beatrice, what happened to the two of you? Did you stay awake and watch TV all night?” Dorothy asked, confused.

Claire yawned. “No, it’s nothing.”

Beatrice looked reluctant to say anything but ended up saying, “I didn’t watch TV all night, but I heard a pig crying the entire night.”


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