The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1497

“A pig? Where did pig cries come from?”

Dorothy looked at Claire, then at Beatrice, and she suddenly understood what Beatrice was talking about. Then, she kicked Alex’s leg hard.

It was all his fault!

This pig had been so excited last night, especially when she changed her appearance to take on the appearance of Aunt Rockefeller. It was like he had taken a drug that sent him into euphoria, what a pervert! It was like she had become another woman.

Men really were sentimental creatures who think with the lower part of their bodies.

“Beatrice, you should pay more attention to your studies. In the first midyear exams, you had one test with just 90 points. Don’t play too much. Your pocket money this semester will be halved.”

Beatrice shrugged, not paying attention to her sister. As she was now a first-level agent of Lush Cosmetics, she had recruited a large group of lower-level agents in school and had made a lot of money. She had developed into a sort of big shot business mistress at school.

She had just bought a BMW with her own money a few days ago, so she wouldn’t miss any pocket money from her sister.

She didn’t expect Dorothy would add on further, “Hubby, you have to revoke Beatrice’s first-level agent authority immediately. The money paid to her should also be replaced with my account name and number. From now on, all the lower-level agents under her will be credited into my account ”

Before Alex could reply, Beatrice yelled, “Sister, that’s daylight robbery! How can you do that? That is money that I earned and the agent team thatI have worked so hard to build up! How can you do this? I disagree!”

“Your appeal has been rejected. Your main focus now should be on studying, not earnng money.”

“Ahhhh! I’m going nuts! No, what right do you have?!”

Dorothy pointed at Alex. “He has it, and he listens to me.”

“Brother-in-law, Brother-in-law!”

Beatrice immediately hugged Alex’s arm and shook. Even her tears were about to fall from her eyes. “I’m begging you. Don’t take my account away. Tell me. I’ll do whatever it takes?!”

Alex could feel the girl’s chest on his arm as she rubbed at him.

“Beatrice, which class did you score 90 points in last semester?”

“English for computer science.”

“What was the total score?”

“One hundred.”

Alex glanced at Dorothy and said, “That’s decent. University isn’t an exam-orientated education, and Beatrice is already good, considering she managed to build a business team during her university days! I support you, and I won’t revoke the authority on your account.”

“Oh, thank you, Brother-in-law! You’re the best!” Beatrice was so overwhelmed with joy. She kissed Alex’s face.

Claire’s eyes widened as she watched the scene unfold in front of her.

Luckily, that kiss hadn’t been on his mouth!

Dorothy rolled her eyes and said to Alex, “You’re a scum!”

Beatrice said, “Sister, don’t call yourself that!”

Claire looked at her youngest daughter, then to Alex. Then, she seemed to think that she was overthinking, and she just enjoyed the happy, harmonious family atmosphere right now.

“Mom, Dorothy and I are going on a trip,” Alex said to Claire. “Due to the special circumstance at the time of the wedding, we didn’t arrange for a honeymoon or the like. We’ll be making up for time on this trip!”

This was the excuse the two of them had found and agreed on.

Claire smiled and said, “Okay, where are you planning to go?”


“Japan? I want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan too. Can you take me along?” Beatrice said.

Claire immediately shot her a look. “Your sister and brother-in-law are going on a honeymoon. Why would you want to go along with them? Be a gigantic third wheel?” After a pause, she said, “Dorothy, Alex, when do you plan on getting your marriage certificate again?”

Dorothy’s expression didn’t change as she replied, “We’ll find a good date, like 11th of November or something. What does it matter? Maybe when we register, it will be the day I get pregnant.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful!”

Alex looked at Dorothy, a little surprised. He had never thought about her getting pregnant.


However, at the same time, in a secret realm somewhere in the country.


Countless hungry wolves let out long howls and launched an attack at a beautiful figure under a random tree.

The beautiful shadow of a figure’s clothes was stained red with blood, the blood of both hers and the wolves. If Alex were present, his heart would be broken because the woman was none other than Daya.

She covered her belly with one hand, while the other held a long knife.


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