The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1500

That being the case, there must still be other Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds in the tomb.

“What is this Soul Substitute Lotus Seed?” Susan said. “Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Freya said, “You were unconscious at that time.”


Susan was immediately rendered speechless.

After that, several people in the room discussed in detail about the time they had gone down into the tomb. On those bases, they also discussed the necessary and corresponding strategies they would need.

When it was ten in the evening, Alex spent a significant sum of money and called for the chef in the hotel to work overtime to create an extremely lavish meal for them.

“After this meal, we’ll set off! Everyone, I, Alex Rockefeller, hereby declare that every one of you who follow me into the tomb will receive a bonus of 100 million. In the unfortunate event, if anyone fails to come out, the bonus will be given to your family members.”

In fact, it wasn’t like anyone was short of money here. This hundred million could only be said to be an extra reward.

Everyone present stuffed themselves with food, and the atmosphere was bright and warm.

Kenneth couldn’t help but continue to talk about the topic previously and pointed at Freya as he said, “Young Master Alex, we were just talking about the descendants of Exorcist Dragons. Miss Freya is beautiful with her long legs, and she has great capabilities. It’s a good match for Young Master Alex as a wife. But, it seems like the threshold of Exorcist Dragons are too high, and she looks down on you.”

Alex didn’t want to talk about this topic in front of Dorothy and immediately waved his hand. “You can’t make that kind of joke so casually. It will affect Miss Freya’s reputation. Also, I’m already married.”

“What? You’re married?! ” Kenneth was stunned.

“Yes, I love my wife very much,” Alex said, looking at Dorothy.

Freya’s heart raced in her chest for no apparent reason. Due to her father’s divination, it. had unconsciously created a ripple in her heart.

Although she had been confident that she wouldn’t fall for a little thief and pervert like Alex, and he would never become a son-in-law of Exorcist Dragons, she felt an inexplicably uncomfortable feeling to hear the man that her father said was her destined partner was married.

It was one thing for Freya not to like him, but how could he turn out to already be married?!

Her father’s divination really was unreliable!


It was 11.40 PM when a group of people arrived at the site of the Sky Tower project. In the past few days, Thousand Miles Conglomerate had been working overtime here. A high wall had been built around the site, and it was three meters high. There were also electrical fences, anti-climbing fences, infrared monitoring, and so on.

The group of people arrived in four cars.

When they arrived at the iron gate that served as the entrance, Alex made a call. Then, someone slowly opened the iron gate, slowly and silently.

The one who opened the door was Azure Storm from Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

“Brother Alex!”

The cars rolled in, and the heavy iron door was closed once again. Azure got into an electric car and led the way in front.

Soon, they arrived near a base. There was even a large shack, and the entrance to Caesar’s tomb was in this shack.

This way, even if someone were to use drones to investigate this area, they wouldn’t be able to see what the heck was going on here.

As for the projects around the area, it was still running non-stop.

They got out of the car, and several of them started taking inventory of their supplies and equipment.

Not only were there very advanced equipment prepared, but there were also even explosives and firearms.

At this moment, two beautiful women walked over.



The ones who came were Waltz and Maya.

Alex was stunned. “Why are you both here?”

“We want to go in with you! ” Waltz said.


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