The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1501

Kenneth, Darven, and the others were stunned. Everyone felt very strange when a world class beauty like Aunt Rockefeller came along. Unexpectedly, now another two beautiful women joined in.

Were they taking the beautiful women to take pictures and enjoy the scenery?

As for Freya, she had always had strong confidence in her appearance. But before this, there was Aunt Rockefeller, and now there were Princess Fleur and Maya. All of them were pretty similar to her, which made her feel a little discouraged.

Was this Rockefeller dude such a ladies’ man?


Dorothy snorted lightly, “Do you guys think going down to the tomb is a field trip? Your lives are in danger at all times.”

Princess Fleur saw that it was Aunt Rockefeller, and immediately her neck shrank “Aunt!”

She did not know that Aunt Rockefeller was Dorothy.

Yesterday, Aunt Rockefeller also saved her life, so when facing Aunt Rockefeller, she was much shorter, and her voice was not loud.

Maya said, “We came over to help and can remain on the surface instead of the deep ends. When the time comes, if there is any need, you can also get in touch in time! In addition, we are here also to prevent someone else from thinking of stealing the tomb.”

This speech made sense.

However, that drifter Zayne shook his head.

Some big tombs were very odd, especially Caesar’s tomb. It was the most bizarre tomb he had ever seen. It was very dangerous. Even at the entrance, there were dangers present. Those overly pampered girls would be in danger at any time.

However, this was Alex‘s side of things.

Previously in the discussion, they had long made the risks involved very clear. If one still wanted to take beautiful women down to the tomb in this kind of situation, any accidents that happened would also be his business.


In the evening, at a quarter to twelve.

The people who were ready decided to go down to the tomb.

The mouth of the tomb was inside one of the makeshift rooms. It was a deep well. Susan provided the location of this deep well to Alex. Alex then got Azure and other people with large machines to dig, and they dug out this well.

This was because William and the others caused the previous entrance and exit to collapse the last time they were there. They could only go down to the tomb from somewhere else.

“Brother Alex, Fleur, when the pile driver was used for this deep well, it cannot be driven down below the slab of green stone, because that slab of green stone is very hard. Even a cutting machine cannot cut it into half, nor leave a mark. It is harder than diamond.” Azure said.

Susan said, “That piece is the dragon stone. After our initial identification, it is most likely an extraterrestrial meteorite containing elements that do not exist in the modern chemistry chart. Its hardness is comparable to diamonds.”

“Oh, there is something so strange at the entrance?” Alex said in amazement.

The next second. Azure pushed the power switch outside.

Sounds of lights being switched on were heard.

Floodlights were seen from the makeshift room into the deep well inside. It was very bright.

“Okay, I’ll go down first!” Alex carried a large black bag and was about to go down.


Zayne stopped Alex. From his back pocket, he took out a box, which was the roots of incense.

He took out three sticks and lit them with a lighter.

He, Quincy, and Susan, each person holding a root of incense, walked along with the wellhead, with mouths chanting, probably burning incense to pray for good luck or something.

Kenneth laughed, “This is the rule handed down by drifters and tomb raiders. One needs to light incense while going down the tomb to comfort the tomb spirit. By sending you a stick of incense, it will redeem my life.”

Quincy looked at Princess Fleur.

Princess Fleur was beautiful and charming. The fellow saw her, and his heart was moved.

Quincy smilingly handed her the incense in his hand, “Do you want to confess too? It can save your life!”

“You keep it for yourself!”

Princess Fleur coldly snorted. With a casual flick, the incense fell to the ground. It broke.

Zayne coldly looked over and said, ”Ignorant!”

Then, Quincy was focused.


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