The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1518

There was a saying that blood rivers provided access to the spectral realm. Could this boat be headed to Land of Ghosts?


Meanwhile, somewhere extremely deep on the other side of Caesar’s Tomb.


A loud explosion could be heard.

Rocks flew in all directions.

In an ancient underground cave, a huge, heavy door’s shaft had been blasted apart. A mechanical device the size of a car pushed against the massive door, and it started to do its job with a rumbling sound. Slowly, it opened the weighty stone door.

“It’s a success!” someone exclaimed while laughing loudly.

“After working hard for half a year and using countless means, we’re finally able to unlock Caesar’s Tomb today. The dungeon’s main entrance is close in sight! From now on, this dungeon will belong to us, the Blood Cult!”

The people working there started speaking in unison. “Congratulations, Branch Master! May our divine cult prosper and dominate the world!”

The man dressed in white was the Blood Cult’s Branch Master.

He laughed out loud. “Great! Come on! Gather everyone from the Divine Blood and enter the tomb with me,” he said.

Right then, a young woman standing next to Branch Master started to speak. “Branch Master, I just received news that, apart from Blood Fist, the Leviathan Gate’s master, the entire army has been wiped out. All the other people on the island have been bought over. Now, they have become a sect by the name of the Divine Dragon Sect.”

Branch Master snorted coldly. “Blood Fist is a fence sitter. Nothing good can come from him. I’ve never had much hope in Leviathan Gate. Their misinformation simply disrupted us! Those fellows from the Divine Constabulary and Department Six are all focused on Leviathan Gate and the Sky Tower. They have no idea that our Blood Cult had long created an underground passage through the secret diversion.”

After pausing for a moment, he continued to speak. “I even know that William Rockefeller’s son has chosen to use the escape door in Caesar’s Tomb as the entrance. Hahaha! The fates of these tomb raiders have already been decided. They definitely couldn’t have guessed that the escape door was a dead-end that I intentionally pointed them to. Now, William’s son is perhaps already dead!”

“Branch Master, your seamless plan greatly impresses me,” the young woman said.

“Alright. Gather everyone in Divine Blood!”

“Yes, Branch Master!”

Soon, a total of eighteen people from the Blood Cult’s Divine Blood rushed over.

After preparing a little and informing everyone about the plan, Branch Master led the way through the tomb’s stone gate that had been opened along with the young woman.


Of course, Alex Rockefeller and the others didn’t know that people from the Blood Cult were inside this tomb.

Their objective was to acquire the key to the dungeon.

After Alex and the rest circled the large boat, they discovered something creepy. The boat they were in was shaped like a giant coffin. Moreover, Susan Hunter discovered an unusual ghostly aura when she looked at the shipboard with her clairvoyant Eyes.

“Alex, there’s something beneath the shipboard!” Susan exclaimed.

When Susan said this, her body was trembling. She couldn’t help but grab Alex’s arm.

After that, Waltz Fleur grabbed his other hand. In reality, Waltz wasn’t fearless, especially when it came to the supernatural stuff. She had always been afraid of these things.

“What is it?” Waltz asked softly.

“Resentful spirits!” Susan exclaimed.

Waltz’s grip around Alex’s hand tightened even further.

Darven Mikail was also nearby. “What do you mean?

Could there be coffins or corpses under the shipboard?”

“Not under the shipboard. They’re under the boat!” Susan said softly.

Darven shuddered, and his eyes widened. “Does this mean that the movement of this coffin boat is the doing of those things?” he asked.

Susan nodded.

“Are there a lot of them?” Waltz asked.

Susan’s entire body trembled. “It’s too many. I can’t count all of them.”

Now, everyone felt prickles in their scalps.

“What do we do?” Waltz asked.

“As written in poems, we’ll silently observe the changes as they come, ” Alex said.

As soon as Alex finished saying this, a prolonged, ghastly growl could suddenly be heard further down the blood river!


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