The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1523

“Ahh!!!” “What is that? What on earth is that?!”

“D*mn! D*mn! Senior, what do we do? This is getting serious. Where have we entered?”

Quincy Zoppins was nearly going mad. They were only here to raid a tomb. At most, they would only steal a few burial objects. Was such an elaborate formation necessary? Whose tomb was like this? From the time they entered, they hadn’t seen anything that belonged in a tomb. It was all a darn lie.

“Shut up!” Zayne York’s facial expression became serious. As the leader of the Drifters, what hadn’t he seen before?

However, he honestly had never seen anything like what he was seeing. He had never even heard about it before.

“What is that coffin doing dangling in mid-air? It’s tied to eight chains. Something appears to be sealed inside. Could the ghost king be trapped inside?” Zayne asked.

As soon as he finished speaking, the three chains grappling the boat began to exert force.

Everyone could see three people dressed in black clothes on the half remaining tower pulling the chains.

They were pulling their boat in the direction of the ghost king’s coffin.

“We can’t get any closer,” Dorothy Ass*x said.

“Clearly, the ghost king had his abilities sealed away. It’s locked inside and can’t get out. However, if we get too close, we’ll be within his range of control. He could easily suck us dry in an instant,” she explained.

“Ahh! Sh*t! What do we do then?”

“We’re getting closer!”

A few people on the boat were about to go crazy.


Right then, Dorothy equipped her bow and arrow. After pulling the bowstring, and causing the bow to take the shape of a crescent moon, a golden arrow fired at a man in black who was tugging on the chain.

An extended shriek of a phoenix could be heard. A shadow figure of a phoenix covered in flames engulfed the entire scene.

Even the people with Yukita Ganbe were flabbergasted by this.

“Core Formation expert!”

“There’s actually a Core Formation expert among them!” Yukita exclaimed in surprise.

In the next second, the man dressed in black who was pulling a chain was engulfed by the flames. The arrow had killed him instantly.

Right after that, second and third arrows were fired!

The three men dressed in black were killed one after another.

Loud cheers erupted from the boat.

Meanwhile, the boat Yukita and those Blood Cult disciples were on had also gotten closer.

Klang! Klang! Klang!

After the three instances of screeching sound were heard, the half-remaining tower fired three chains yet again. This time, the chains grappled onto the Blood Cult’s boat.

The Blood Cult’s people were suddenly dumbfounded. They were still celebrating the misfortune of others, prepared to circle Alex Rockefeller to get past the half-remaining tower so that they could escape from the other side. However, Alex’s boat had stopped now. The resentful spirits in the blood river stopped moving after the men dressed in black started pulling their boat.

On the contrary, the Blood Cult’s boat had started moving forward quickly.

“Cut the chains off. Quick! Cut the chains off!” Yukita shouted.

The Divine Blood’s members all took out their weapons and started chopping the three chains with all their might. Unfortunately, the chains were made of some extremely solid material. Breaking through them was impossible. Meanwhile, they didn’t have any experts with long-range weapons.

It seemed that their boat was rapidly approaching the coffin.

Everyone on the boat could sense immense pressure. It was coming from the ghost king that dangled mid-air.

“Son of William Rockefeller… Hurry up! Shake those three men in black with your arrows!” Yukita begged Alex for help.

There wasn’t any other option.

Alex chuckled coldly. “Are you going to give me a reason for that?”

“Your father, William, and I are friends,” Yukita shouted.

“Hahaha… Would my father be friends with someone from the Blood Cult? Even if he was, you must have lied to him,” Alex said.

“Don’t you believe me?” Seeing how the situation was getting increasingly dangerous, Yukita blurted, “Even if you don’t believe me, we’re all in the same boat! The ghost king in this coffin won’t let any of us go. If the ghost king eats us, you’ll be next!” Yukita said.

“Oh! That’s fine. Anyway, you guys are going first,” Alex said.

“You…” Yukita trailed off.

Meanwhile, Trevon Lambert had started cursing without holding back. “Bloody hell! You even threw bombs at us earlier, but you’re asking us to save you now? Don’t even think about it! Go ahead and feed yourselves to the ghost king. Unfortunately, nobody will bury your corpses for you. Goodbye, everyone!”

While Trevon spoke, Yukita’s boat arrived underneath the coffin.



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