The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1529

“What time is it now?”

“It’s almost five o’clock.”

“If we were outside, we’d have seen daylight already.”

“That was a real close call. If Mr. Rockefeller didn’t have such amazing martial arts capabilities like a Cultivation Guru, and the fact that he’s even stronger than my father, we’d have all been dead together in this place.”

“If William truly returned here on his own, he’d have been in grave trouble if he bumped into this!”

In the giant tomb, beneath the half-remaining tower, Alex Rockefeller and the rest buried Darven Mikail’s body. Kenneth Sunder, Quincy Zoppins, and Zayne York drank the liquor they brought along and ate dried meat while chatting.

Susan Hunter still felt guilty. She sat in front of the grave and didn’t move at all.

Dorothy Ass*x and Freya Mayer were recovering their energy.

Waltz Fleur and Maya Howards occasionally glanced at Dorothy Ass*x. For some reason, they still found her a little odd.

Meanwhile, Alex Rockefeller had focused his attention entirely within his mind palace. He was dumbfounded.

He discovered that there were actually four bright stars inside Mother Chaos. There were supposed to be only three bright stars, proving that three shattered Chaos Beads were inside. It meant that there was an additional shattered Chaos Bead.

“Where could this bead have come from?”

“Could it be…”

Alex suddenly recalled that Caesar’s ghost emperor spiritual body previously mentioned that he smelled something familiar in Alex’s body, which was why he suddenly dug himself into Alex’s body to investigate it. In that case, this shattered Chaos Bead had most probably come from within Caesar’s spirit.

After smelling a familiar scent, Caesar thought Alex’s body contained a shattered Chaos Bead too. It made him very excited, and he sought to acquire it. In the end, to his surprise, not only did Alex have a shattered Chaos Bead, but he even had Mother Chaos.

In the end, Caesar’s shattered Chaos Bead was also snatched away.

Unfortunately, Alex was too weak to control the Chaos Bead now. As such, Alex was like an untrained fighter wielding a mighty weapon. He could only allow the Chaos Bead to activate on its own accord. Through that, Alex would obtain several types of passive abilities.

Even if the shattered Chaos Bead had been previously used by the great monk, Revealer, and absorbed countless resentful spirits and energy from the blood river, Alex couldn’t unlock the space. He couldn’t use the powers to strengthen himself.

“Argh! when can I truly utilize this inconsistent Chaos Bead?” Alex sighed.

He then brought his attention out of his mind palace, not dating to confront the additional shattered Chaos Bead with his mental power.

Alex was afraid that something that had happened before might happen again, and he might end up being sucked into a tiny, isolated world.

“It’s about time. Let’s keep moving forward!” Dorothy stood up and said.

They had basically pulled an all-nighter.

Although people with high levels of cultivation like Alex and Dorothy didn’t feel anything, Susan, Kenneth, and Quincy, who were severely injured, found this a little problematic. They sat on the ground and yawned repeatedly.

Alex took out a bottle and retrieved a few red Blood Energy Pills before distributing a few to them.

“What is this thing?” Quincy asked.

“It can strengthen your blood energy and get rid of the fatigue. It’s good for you,” Alex said.

Susan swallowed it without hesitation.

Quincy, however, hesitated. “This isn’t poison, is it?”

Waltz snorted. “What could we possibly get from killing you with poison?”

“It won’t necessarily kill me, but it might be used to control me just like how mind control pills are used in television programs. Aren’t those used solely for the purpose of mind control?” Quincy asked.

Maya sneered. “It would be a little useful if you can control your senior. But what good would there be to control a piece of trash like you that can’t even walk?”

Awkwardness instantly washed over Quincy. “I… I’m still useful.”

Waltz laughed coldly. “Ever since we came in, you’ve been all talk but no action. You even blamed Susan. At least, she was able to find us the pathways. You only slow your senior down,” she complained.

Kenneth Sunder believed Alex unconditionally too. He immediately ate the Blood Energy Pill.

As a martial arts cultivator, be instantly knew this was good stuff.

“Mr. Rockefeller, what pill is this? I feel that it’s even better than the Small Energy Pill from another martial arts sect. After eating it, I find it even easier to activate my martial arts cultivation,” Kenneth exclaimed.

Alex nodded. “Indeed, it’s a tad bit stronger than a Small Energy Pill.”

Kenneth had eaten the pills as if they were candy. He no longer thought anything of it. Hence, Alex didn’t plan to take the pills back even if Quincy and Zayne refused to eat them.

Although he didn’t want the pills back, Susan thought otherwise. “Quincy, if you’re afraid the pill might be poison, give it back to Alex. No one’s forcing you to eat it,” she said.


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