The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1530

After hearing that sentence, Quincy Zoppins ate the pill.

Alex Rockefeller returned to the edge of the cliff near the passageway and looked around. Since it was far too deep under the cliff, he couldn’t see the bottom either. However, Alex still circled around the half remaining tower.

There weren’t any other passageways.

“The cliff is so tall. We have no idea what’s down there. We’d definitely die if we jump down. Where do we go?” Kenneth Sunder asked with a frown.

“West of Caesar’s Tomb…” Susan Hunter repeated while looking around the half-remaining tower. After a while, she suddenly said, “I think I get it.”

“What were you thinking of?”

Everyone became excited.

Susan pointed at the place where the eight chains remained. “This is where Caesar’s coffin was hung. From what the ghost emperor said, this was the place where he was truly sealed. Hence, this is where Caesar’s tomb is located. This half remaining tower is his tomb.”

After that, she pointed at the eight chains.

“These were probably used to hold the coffin in place. The key must be lying within these chains,” she added.

“Do you mean that there is a hidden mechanism in one of them?” Zayne York asked.

“We’ll find out by trying,” Alex said.

He walked over to the half remaining tower and looked up at the eight chains. The major explosion earlier had destroyed the coffin, and the eight chains now dangled in the air. The chains were thirty to forty meters above the ground.

Alex forcefully stomped his feet. A vast, bottomless pit appeared on the ground where his feet landed.


His entire body made use of the inertia, and he shot upward. Instantly, he rose over twenty meters above the ground. He was still over ten meters shy, though.

“Let me give you a hand!” Dorothy Ass*x gathered spiritual power in one hand and extended it outward. The shadow figure of her palm ascended upward.

It bumped against Alex’s feet and pushed him further up.


Alex jumped yet again, and he managed to grab a chain.

He tried to search for a clue, but there wasn’t anything. The second chain also didn’t work.

The third, the fourth…

Finally, when he tugged at the sixth chain, it creaked and extended itself. There was something fishy about it.

Alex tugged on it forcefully. The chain extended by one meter. Soon, a mechanical grinding sound came from beneath the half-remaining tower.

“There’s a sound!”

“There’s something down there!”

After Alex landed, he instantly ran to the other side with Susan Hunter. Within a few seconds, the sound stopped. However, the sound of ten thousand horses galloping could be heard from the passageway’s entrance.

Everyone looked over.

They actually saw a huge waterfall ten meters below the cliff. The sounds had come from the waterfall.

“It’s water from the blood river!” Quincy Zoppins was smart enough to instantly guess the reason.

Indeed, water from the blood river was gushing down the cliff with loud splashing. A huge vortex formed beneath the half-remaining tower. All the water flowed down the cliff beneath the passageway.

“The water is filling up!”

“It’s filling up rather quickly too!”

After about half an hour, the blood river dried up. Meanwhile, the water level in the seemingly endless pit by the cliff now was close within sight.

Alex waved his hand. “Get into the water!”


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