The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1531

Splash! Alex was the first to dive in.

The water was quite chilly, but it wasn’t unbearable. It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, even if they had no powers like Alex. Susan was the one in most discomfort. Since she had just taken a blood energy pill, the water temperature should be alright for her, but she might need help when it came to holding her breath underwater.

In just moments, all of them dove in.

Alex was initially worried about Susan. He wanted to ask Waltz to help her out. Unexpectedly, Susan had made preparations for this, taking a tiny mask and snorkel out.

“Are we diving to the bottom?” Kenneth asked. “We just tried that earlier. We have no idea how deep this is. It’s not just hundreds of meters deep. I don’t think most of us could handle such strong water pressure.”

Everyone froze, thinking about this problem as well.

Alex and Dorothy wouldn’t have any problems in this process, but even Waltz, a strong fighter, would be uncomfortable with such pressure on her lungs if they had to dive thousands of meters down there. She wouldn’t be able to handle it, just like the rest.

Alex said, “Why don’t I go down first? You’ll have to wait for a while.”

However, Maya said, “Wait guys. Look, the water level is decreasing.”

Their surroundings were very dim. Hence they couldn’t tell that the water level had decreased when they were floating on the surface.

Looking toward other objects as a reference, they realized that it was indeed decreasing at a rapid pace. Susan seemed shocked and said, “Who would’ve thought… What a complicated machine?”

They had brought waterproof flashlights, so they could be switched on underwater. They watched as the walls rose rapidly and continued to lower to the bottom.

Quincy was worried. “This place is so deep. It’d be hard to go back up there once we’ve reached the bottom.”

Waltz replied. “What are you worried about? It’ll be fine in the end. Even if you could go back up there, you wouldn’t be able to escape. Did you want to feed those poisonous bugs?”

Although the water levels were decreasing quickly, it was still much slower than falling from the top. It felt quite uncomfortable to be in the water for long periods. Hence Alex and Dorothy leaped out and stood on the water’s surface as if light as a feather.

Everyone envied their powerful skills and abilities, even Kenneth, the legendary thief who was known for his strong Feather Walk, wouldn’t be able to stand on water with such ease.

However, Quincy was still as arrogant as ever, asking, “Mr. Rockefeller, I remember your skills were still around my level a few months ago, around Mystic rank, right? It hasn’t even been six months yet you’re this powerful already? Are you a grandmaster now?”

Waltz buffed. “You’ve underestimated him.”

Quincy froze, his eyes widened. “Could he have achieved… Martial Honor?”

Waltz seemed proud. “A Martial Honor probably wouldn’t stand a chance against my brother’s skills!”

“Holy sh*t! He’s a Martial Saint?!”

Just then, Zayne spoke up. “Brother, stop making assumptions. Mr. Rockefeller’s skills have exceeded martial artists like us. If I’m seeing this right, Mr. Rockefeller, and his aunt are probably what we call cultivators, just as the legends say.”

With this, Freya’s eyes lit up as she looked towards Alex and Dorothy.

The Exorcist Dragons were considered cultivators as well.

However, their cultivation was different from most cultivators, where they relied on the natural gift within their blood. The other Mayers without the innate powers within had no other way to master the Nine Symbol Incantation.

Alex looked towards Zayne and said, “Mr. York, you’ve probably started cultivating, right?”

Zayne smiled sadly. “Actually, our great grandmasters in the Drifters clan used to be cultivators as well.”

Upon hearing this, Quincy gasped loudly. He had no idea about this.

Zayne nodded. “I’m telling the truth. Our master told us this before he passed. He even passed down one of those skills to me. However, these skills of the Drifters clan have been passed down for millenniums. All these skills were lost during the war, and master only managed to hand me half of our Drifter Skill Book. ”


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