The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1533

“I can save Mom!” Alex was overwhelmed.

The two main reasons he came to this tomb were to find Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds and follow his father’s tracks. It seemed he was about to complete his first mission.

At that moment, the others crossed the barrier successfully as well. After the soul of the ghost emperor of Caesar’s tomb was destroyed, every danger in this large tomb seemed to have disarmed themselves.

It stood to reason that the person who planted all these traps probably didn’t want to kill every person who entered the tomb. They wanted to leave some form of hope for them.

As long as they’ve found this small glimmer of hope, it wasn’t necessary to set any more traps. just like how players could get through a game by passing each level, any other traps would be like little raindrops compared to the 100 thousand resentful spirits and the ghost emperor within the blood river.

“Black Soul Lotus!” Freya shouted as soon as she saw the lotuses on the large pond.

“Are there any Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds in them?” Waltz asked immediately.

Since she had no idea what Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds were, she obviously didn’t know if there were any in those black lotuses.

Freya replied. “Yes! Quite a few too!”

Upon hearing this, Waltz and Maya smiled brightly with relief and joy.

Alex was excited as well. However, he wouldn’t be able to relax until he got some in his pocket. He immediately headed straight to the pond to pick some seeds out.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from within the pond.


Water exploded out of nowhere as a man leaped in front of them. Alex and the others were shocked by the noise, lifting their flashlights toward the pond area.

They soon realized the man who leaped out was Trevon, the Peak Lord of Clarion Peak.

Susan yelled. “It’s Mr. Lambert! He’s still alive!”

Following his explosion, the pond erupted with a louder noise.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


An enormous black figure jumped out of the pond.

The noise sounded explosive, causing the entire pond to rumble as its roars filled the air. The thing was as big as a ship and looked like a fish.

“Ahhh!” Trevon yelled in horror.

“Alex! Save me, quick!”


Trevon was already mid-air at the time, no longer having any energy to leap higher. Just then, the large beast behind him stretched its mouth open and chomped onto Trevon’s body.

As the flashlights continued to shine on it, everyone watched as its sharp, bright, white teeth sank into Trevoin’s waist. Trevon’s waist was snapped in half.

Within seconds, his entire body was severed into two pieces. As the beast swallowed his lower portion, while his upper torso fell into the pond.

With his very last breath, Trevon yelled hysterically for the last time in his life.

The scene horrified every person there. Waltz couldn’t help but grab onto Alex’s arm as well.

Alex was starting to feel petrified. He had almost entered the pond a while ago, and if that beast were to have targeted him, he probably would have a hard time dealing with it too.

However, just as the upper half of Trevon continued to fall, a small, similar-looking beast opened its mouth and caught his body, dragging it into the pond.

Splash! Splash!

The water broke out in ripples. Then, everyone noticed that these smaller beasts weren’t just individuals but a massive swarm, trying to devour Trevon’s corpse.


The beast with size of a boat then jumped, slamming its body into the pond, causing several massive waves to form.

Seemingly unsatisfied with having just Trevon’s corpse, it came back up to the surface and ate two Black Soul Lotuses.

“Ah! The seeds!” Waltz shouted worriedly.

Although there were quite a few of those black lotuses floating on the pond, there weren’t many. Besides, they weren’t even sure if they were ripe. Only ripe Soul Substitute Lotus Seed would be able to save Brittany.

Alex started panicking as he watched the beast lunging toward the other black lotuses, still unsatisfied.


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