The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 Daisie shrank into the water in fright and blushed. “I… I’ll be done right away.” Noilace smiled helplessly. “I only want to remindyou not to submerge yourself in the bathtub for too long.

You might faint from all the heat.” After he finished speaking, he put her clothes down.

“I’ve placed your pajamas at the door.” Daisie responded with a faint hum.

When the silhouette disappeared, she got up from the bathtub, pulled off the towel, and wrappedher body with it.

She then pulled the bathroom door slightly open.

The pajamas he had prepared were neatly folded and placed right next to the door.

She changed into her pajamas and walked out of the bathroom.

Her hair was soaked with water and still wet, and her fair and rosy skin was tightly fitted intothe ice silk pajamas.

Daisie probed her head into the bedroom.

Noilace was sitting on the chaise longue with his legs crossed, covering his forehead with one hand and flipping through a magazine with the other.

His gaze was fixed on the magazine, the black ice silk nightgown was loosely tied, and the placket was slightly open, oozing a hint of languidness.

The warm yellow floor lamp stood on the velvet carpet, and the warm light was reflected onto hisfacial outline, brightening half of his face and making his facial features look more well- defined.

It was a truly stunning handsomeness that would charm the whole world.

When someone claimed that there was a type of appearance that could only be viewed from a distance and not be desecrated, the person must be referring to Nollạce.

Daisie sighed inwardly.

‘Thank God that even though Noilace lost his memory back then, he still knew that Lisa wasn’t me.

Otherwise, he would’ve been Lisa’s to own now.’ Noilace lifted his gaze, pursed his lips, gave off a grin, closed the magazine, and placed it down.

“Daisie.” “Huh?” She recovered from the trance, turned her head, and met his gaze.

She then walked into the bedroom awkwardly.

“I’ve finished bathing.” After saying that, she was stunned for a moment.

‘Why did that sound as if I’ve cleaned myself and I’m waiting for him to indulge himself?’ Nollacereached out to her.

Daisie lost control over her feet and started to move as she approached him.

He pulled her into his arms and collected all her long hair to the back.

“Your hair is still wet.” She pursed her lips and lowered her gaze.

He brushed his fingers through her hair, flung the wet ends, and then picked up a dry towel and wiped itfor her.

Vigorous heartbeats could be heard clearly, and she did not know if they were his or hers.

Daisie, who was trapped in his arms, raised her gaze slightly, and Noilace’s face was close at hand.

He lowered his gaze, but his eyes were still fixed on the ends of her hair as he carefullydried the ends of her hair.

The dimmed, warm light softened his facial outline, turning his profound eyes gentle.

Daisie’s eyelashes twitched as the ambiguous, yet intimate atmosphere tingled her heart.

She held the back of Nollace’s hand and lowered her head.

“I’ll do it myself.” Noilace lifted his eyelids slightly and smiled.

“This is what a husband should do.” The word husband was branded on her heart – it was a very touching thing to hear.

Daisie could not help but chuckle.

Noilace lifted her chin gently.

“What are you laughing at?” His breath brushed across her face, and Daisie looked at him.

“I was thinking if you were to have married someone else and not me, would you be so nice to that lady too?”

“No.” He stared at her.

“Because you’re the only person in this world that I’ll marry.” She was startled, and her gaze moved.

“How do you know that you’ll only marry me? What if you didn’t meet me later onin your life.” Noilace caressed her cheek with his palm and brushed his fingers across the fringe on her forehead.

“Do you believe in fate?”

Daisie stared at him.

He chuckled hoarsely.

“Whether I lost my memory or not, I reunited with you in the end, didn’t I?” Daisie turned her face away.

“You do know how to brighten my mood.

I’ll give you that.”

His smile intensified.

“Is your mood lifted then?” She lowered her eyes and gave off a captivating expression.

“My mood has indeed been lifted a little.” Nollace kissed her cheek and the corner of her lips, thenpinched her chin with his fingertips and completely sealed her lips.

Daisie rested her hands on his shoulders and responded to his kiss.


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