The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1950

Chapter 1950 Colton added, “Yes, Mom. Nollace has stayed back at the scene to deal with them. There‘s no way that they‘re getting away with this.” 

Maisie took a deep breath to calm herself down. 

At that moment, the doctor came out of the ward. 

Nolan stepped forward and asked, “How‘s my daughter doing?” 

The doctor replied, “There are a few mild bone fractures and traumas, but fortunately, they didn‘t harm any vital organ. The patient will need some time to recuperate, and…” 

He paused for a few seconds and said softly, “Other than that, the patient hasn‘t been violated, so please don’t worry about that.” 

Daisie was sent to the hospital with her clothes in pieces and a mess. Thus, everyone knew and understood what had happened. It was only natural for the doctor to examine that and give her family a detailed explanation. And once there was such a possibility, he would have to call the police immediately after extracting the semen of the suspect. 

In the eyes of doctors, reputation had always been far less 

important than one‘s life. Women, in particular , should not feel ashamed and dare not call the police when they fell victim to such an incident. 

Maisie pushed open the door and stepped into the ward. Daisie was still lying on the bed, unconscious . Her skin was so tender that the marks and bruises on her cheeks had yet to disappear. 

Nolan stopped beside Maisie, placed his arm around her shoulders, and comforted her silently. 

The next day… 

Daisie slowly opened her eyes, woke up, and vaguely saw the person sitting beside the bed. His facial outline went from blurry to clear in her line of sight until she could clearly see Nollace leaning against the bed. His eyes were closed, and he was resting as if he had been there all night. 

Her dry lips moved. “Nollace…” 

Nollace opened his eyes as soon as he heard some movement and gently held her hand. “Daisie, you‘ve woken up. How do you feel? Is everything alright?” She shook her head. “I‘m just thirsty.” 

“Okay.” Nollace got up, poured a glass of water for her, sat down on the edge of the bed, and helped her up. Daisie grabbed the glass from him by herself and drank 

very quickly, but she choked on the water and started coughing 

Nollace patted her back, took the water glass, placed it on the table, and said helplessly, “You always know how to make others worry. You actually had the guts to jump into such a blatant trap that Mitchell had set up. If I had arrived there a little too late…” 

His gaze was fixed on her slightly pale face, and he pursed his lips. 

‘If I were to arrive slightly later, I might have even killed everyone on the spot.‘ Daisie leaned in his arms. “I didn‘t want him to expose your photos.” He paused for a split second, lowered his gaze, and rested his chin on the top of her head. “Daisie, I’m sorry.” 

She wondered. “Why would you apologize to me?” 

Nollace stared at her. “I‘ve put you in danger because of my personal affair. If something were to happen to you, I‘d hate myself for life.” 

Daisie paused for a bit, then chuckled. “I even fought with them.” 

After saying that, her expression turned a little downcast. “Although I still lost in the end.” 

He gently rubbed the tip of her nose. “Are you dumb? You 

shouldn‘t delay things and try to go at them when you have the opportunity to escape.” Daisie was not a professional fighter. Especially in terms of physical strength , the longer it took her to deal with those men, the more difficult things would become. She pulled herself away and sat up straight. “I could‘ve escaped successfully, but who would‘ve known that Susan would attack me out of a sudden?” 

Nollace‘s gaze dimmed, but he did not utter a single word. 

Freyja appeared outside the ward with a bouquet of lilies in her arms. Seeing the two people in the ward, she was startled. “I hope I‘m not disturbing you?” 

Daisie smiled. “Of course not.” 

Nollace got up and rubbed the top of her hair. “I‘ll let Freyja accompany you first. I‘ll come back to visit you later.” 

Daisie nodded. 

After Nollace left, Freyja pulled a chair to the side of the bed and sat down. “Colton has already told me that Mitchell kidnapped you. If I had known that, I should‘ve accompanied you to the production company to sign the contract yesterday.” 


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