The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1956

Chapter 1956 Daisie leaned forward slightly and whispered, “See, Freyja? I told you my mom is a good person. She has approved of you and my second brother.” 

Even though she tried to make her voice as low as possible, Maisie still heard her. 

Maisie raised her head and glanced at Daisie. “Since when I‘m a terrible person? I‘ve always put you kids first, and see what you did? I give you an inch, and you take a mile.” 

Daisie smiled at her and said, “You‘re the best mother in the world, Mom.” 

“What about me?” Nolan chimed in. 

Daisie thought for a while and replied, “You‘re the best father in the world, but you‘re behind Mom.” 

Nolan was rendered speechless and felt hurt. 

Maisie chuckled and said, “Honey, you should just eat and stop being jealous of the kids.” 

Nolan shook his head and replied, “It seems like my position in the family is getting lower and lower.” 

He was never their kids‘ first choice, and his wife prioritized their kids over him. 

Smiling , Maisie went closer to him and said, “Don‘t be 

sad. You‘re number one inside of my heart.” 

Nolan looked at her. “Really?” 

Maisie grabbed his hand and said, “Yeah, from the back.” 

Nolan was rendered speechless again. Daisie and Colton just lowered their heads and continued to eat their food. They had seen too much of the interaction between their parents, and they had already gotten used to it. 

#The girlfriend of the second son of the Goldmanns has been exposed.# 

The news hit the headlines the next day. This was not a scandal, but Colton admitted it in front of the reporters. Those media outlets that wanted to find out the identity of Daisie‘s husband were attracted to Colton‘s relationship. 

When they all learned that Colton‘s girlfriend was Freyja, Daisie‘s assistant, all of them were shocked. 

Meanwhile, at Tenet… 

“Daisie , I didn‘t expect your assistant to be your future sister–in–law!” 

“Yeah, right. By the way, where is Ms. Pruitt from? What did she do to win your brother‘s heart? Do you know how many socialites in Bassburgh got heartbroken when they 

heard that your brother has found himself a girlfriend ?” 

All of the people in the company came to throw all sorts of questions at Daisie when they heard the news. 

After all, none of them had expected Daisie‘s assistant to be someone who could become Colton’s girlfriend. 

Daisie put the magazine down and smiled. “They‘ve known each other for a long time. It‘s just that Freyja didn‘t tell anyone about it since she wanted to keep a low 


“I see. Well, help me to congratulate Freyja.” 

Just when Daisie was about to say something, she saw James standing in the corridor. He seemed to be deep in thought as he turned around and left. 

She paused for a moment and decided to go after him. 

James was fetching water in front of a water dispenser and looked lonely. 

Daisie walked up to him. “James.” He turned his head around and replied, “Yeah? What do you need from me?“. He seemed fine to Daisie, and she asked, “Did you see the news too?” 

There was no way he wouldn‘t have seen the news. After all, it caused such a great commotion across the town, so Daisie was certain that he had seen it. 

While he was drinking water, he replied, “Yeah, I saw it.” Daisie lowered her head. Initially, she felt that it would be kind of good if James and Freyja could work out before she learned the things between her second brother and Freyja. But now… 

Looking at the sympathetic expression on her face, James clicked his tongue. “Ms. Vanderbilt the Great, why are you looking at me like that? You make it look like I just got abandoned.” 

“Don‘t you feel sad?” she asked carefully. “Sad? Why should I be sad? I don‘t deny the fact that I like Freyja, but…” James straightened himself. “If you think I‘m going to put all eggs in one basket, you‘re terribly wrong.” 


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