The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972 However, Sandy did not make any moves against the Knowles even after Nollace came to Zlokova.

Nollace said, “That’s because my grandfather is there.

She wouldn’t dare to do anything to the Knowles.

Besides, it’s exactly because I’m not in Yaramoor that it’ll be easier to take me out than going up against theKnowles?” Edison felt he was right.

If something were to happen to Nollace when he was in another country, it was something that both Sandy andDonald would want to see.

In any case, regardless of what Sandy was up to, it was always not wrong to stayalert.

The night was falling, and the city lit up.

Colton returned to the Goldmann mansion.

After getting out of the car, he rushed all the way to the mansion.

When he heard from the butler that Maisie was in the study room, he went upstairs.

Maisie was sitting behind the table, working on her new design with rapt attention.

When she heard the knocking on the door, she froze and said, “Come in.” Colton pushed the door open and went inside.

“Mom.” Maisie squinted.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Freyja right now?” He stopped in front of her and sat on the chair.

“I have something to tell you.” Maisie put down her pen and placed her hand on her forehead.

“What is it?” “Freyja’s mother has arrived in Bassburgh, but she’s up to something no good.

I want to dispatch a bodyguard and two maids to the Seaview Villa.

After all, I’m more comfortable with them since they work for US.” Maisie straightened her body and chuckled.

“Sure, go ahead.

I’ll inform your father about it.” Clearing his throat, Colton hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“Freyja, she…” Maisie waved her hand.

“Just say whatever you want to say.

You weren’t this shilly-shally when you were a kid.” It seemed to Maisie that the older her sons became, the less they wanted to talk to her.

“She’s pregnant.” “I see.

She is” Maisie suddenly realized what he was talking about, and she jerked up.

She pressed her hand on the desk and asked again, “What did you say? Who is pregnant?” Colton placed his handon his forehead and replied, “It’s Freyja…” Maisie made a few quick steps to him.

“Brat, you…” Colton knew that his mother would punish him, so he was mentally prepared for it.

After all, he couldn’t keep everyone in the dark forever, and they would learn about Freyja’s pregnancy sooner or later.

Thus, he figured that it was better for him to tell them about it now.

Besides, things were different now since Sandy was in Bassburgh.

If Maisle knew about Freyla’s pregnancy, she might be able to protect her better.

Maisie took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Lilke father, like son.” “I know it’s a bit too early for US to have a kid, but I’ll take all the responsibility,” Colton said with aserious face, “Of course, you are.” Maisie poked his shoulder and said sternly, “Brat, you seriously have surprised me this time.

But I’ll forgive you since you chose to confess to me.” It was already nine at night whenColton returned to the Seaview Villa.

He pushed his door open, thinking about how he should explain the things he left on Freyja’s face.

However, he saw that Freyja was standing in front of the window.

She looked lonely, and it seemed to him that something was troubling her.

He frowned slightly and walked toward her.

“Have you eaten dinner?” Freyja turned her head around to look at him.

Her head was occupied with something else, so she had already forgotten everything he had done.

“Yeah.” She set her jaw tightly, and then she said, “Colton, can you do me a favor?” “What is it?” he asked.

“Can you help me to bring Deedee to me?” she asked.

Colton frowned.

“Your brother’s daughter?” Freyja looked at him and said, “She won’t have a good time around my mother.

My mother doesn’t treat her well.

She’s only four years old, and I don’t want her to become like me.”

She was confident that her motherwouldn’t let her take Deedee away if she went to confront her.


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