The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975 Sandy vaguely heard them talking about the Goldmanns. ‘Hmph! It seems like I‘ve underestimated that girl.‘ 

Sandy returned to her room. When she saw that Deedee was sitting with her entire body shivering in the corner, she flew into a rage. “How can you be so useless? I brought you here, yet you can‘t do anything. You should have died in your mother‘s womb back then.” 

Deedee lowered her head and sobbed. 

Sandy walked up to her and pulled her up from the floor. She shrunk and cried, “Grandma, I‘ll be a good girl —.” Sandy kicked her into the corner and shouted, “Stop crying! All you know is crying.” Deedee fell on the floor. Her back hit the desk, knocking off the glass of water on top of the desk and causing the water in the cup to spill across the desk. The cup fell on her forehead, and some of the water dampened her hair. A red welt soon appeared on her forehead. Her cheeks were wet, and her countenance was pale. She sobbed weakly, and her body was trembling. 

Just when Sandy was about to hit her again, the bell rang. 

Sandy clicked her tongue and pulled Deedee back into the room. She tied her up, put a gag into her mouth, and pushed her into the cupboard. Before closing the door, she warned her. “You‘d better stay quiet. I‘ll beat you up if you make even the slightest noise!” She closed the cupboard and then went to answer the door. 

She was stunned when she saw the group of bodyguards outside the door. “Who are you?” The bodyguards retreated to the side to make way for Colton. He stood in front of the door and asked, “Where is Deedee?” 

Sandy did not expect him to come for Deedee. ‘This must be that b*tch‘s idea. Hmph! There‘s no way I‘ll let them take Deedee away.‘ “Are you serious, Mr. Goldmann? Deedee is my granddaughter. Shouldn‘t you be taking care of my daughter? Why are you even so concerned about a girl who is unrelated to you?” “I‘m not here to talk to you,” Colton said expressionlessly. “I‘ll repeat my question again. Where is Deedee.” 

Sandy smiled. “She‘s in a safe place. You don‘t have to worry about her.” 

Colton did not say anything. He turned his head sideways and nodded at the group of bodyguards. 

The bodyguards standing beside him barged into the room, shocking Sandy. She tried to stop them from going into the room as she said, “What do you think you‘re doing!? Even if Bassburgh is your territory, I can sue you as well for trespassing.” A bodyguard pushed her into the wall and walked into the room. There was nothing Sandy 

could do other than watch them warily as they searched through the room. The group of bodyguards searched through every corner of the room, but they couldn‘t find Deedee. One of them walked up to Colton and whispered something into his ear. Sandy let out a sigh when they couldn‘t find Deedee. “Mr. Goldmann, Deedee isn‘t with me right now, so you guys can save your energy. Besides, she‘s my granddaughter. Do you think I‘ll hurt her?” 

Colton looked at Sandy with a cold gaze and said, “You can even hurt your own daughter, and you expect us to trust you?” Sandy harrumphed and said, “She disowned me and doesn’t want to take care of me. She‘s my daughter, so I have every right to complain about her.” Colton‘s face sank as he said, “Really?” 

He walked up to Sandy and stopped in front of her. “Are you not worried about karma for what you did to Freyja, Mrs. Pruitt?” “Karma?” Sandy said, raising her voice, “My son is dead, but why didn‘t the Knowles and Nollace get what they deserved? If there is karma in this world, then Nollace should pay for my son‘s life first!” Colton let out a cold smile. “Ken deserved to die, and so do you.” Sandy‘s face turned pale, and her entire body was shaking due to her anger. “Mr. Goldmann, I suggest you stay out of this. The feud between the Knowles and me isn‘t something that you can interfere with.” 


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