The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2005

Chapter 2005 Colton put the document down and tapped on the desk. “How is she?” 

The therapist replied. “According to my observations and tests in the past few days, she is indeed very sensitive. Perhaps it’s due to her upbringing that she’s introverted and has low self -esteem. She always feels lonely, so she likes to stick to the people she wants to be close to.” Colton frowned and fell deep in thought. After a long while, he asked, “Can I ask you a question?” 

“Sure,” replied the therapist. 

“Would a 4-year-old kid harm the one who loves her? Like causing her to have a miscarriage?” 

Even if Deedee had misunderstood them after overhearing their conversation that night, even if she was upset with them, why would she push Freyja’s stomach? 

He began to grow wary of Deedee after witnessing what she did that day. 

He did not show it out that time because he did not want to put Freyja in a difficult position. After all, Freyja was the one who raised Deedee since she was born, and that was also the reason Deedee was so attached to Freyja. 

She subconsciously saw Freyja as a mother figure to her. However, if a 4-year-old girl wanted to harm Freyja, he would send her away no matter what. 

The therapist pondered for a while and said, “Actually, I’ve come across a similar case as well. 

“It was a 5-year-old child. He pushed his mother down the stairs so that the unborn baby in his mother’s womb wouldn’t share or take away his parents’ love from him.” 

Colton narrowed his eyes. “Then, is her case similar to that 5-year-old kid?” 

“Yes,” replied the therapist. “But the difference is that the 5-year-old boy had all the love from his parents ever since he was born, so he subconsciously didn’t want anyone to take his parents away from him. Some kids are fragile. They are afraid their parents won’t love them anymore after having a second kid. If the parents fail to remedy the situation in time, tragedy will happen. 

“Mr. Goldmann, I think this is what is happening to Ms. Deedee now. She’s been raised by Ms. Pruitt since she was born, so she’s very attached to her. However, in her subconscious, she knows that Ms. Pruitt isn’t her mother, no matter how close she’s to her. The more she yearns for love, the more she’s afraid of losing it. 

“Besides, kids don’t know how to differentiate right from wrong since they’re still young. If left unchecked, it indeed will cause serious consequences.” 

Colton leaned against the chair and asked, “Then what should I do?” 

If he sent Deedee away now, the latter might resent Frevia. Besides, he was certain that wouldn’t agree to il either 

The therapist said, “You can get some kids to make friends with her to divert her attention. If necessary, you can also talk to her so that she can slowly let go of her fears and shed away her defenses.” 

Colton fell silent. 

When the therapist left the study room, he bumped into Freyja in the corridor. He nodded at her and then continued to walk away. 

Freyja stopped in front of the study. When she saw that Colton was massaging his temples with a stern look on his face, she pressed her lips tightly. 

Colton had not been to the company the past few days and had signed Deedee up for psychological counseling therapy. Even though he did not like what Deedee had done, he did not punish her or anything. 

Freyja knew that it was because of her that Colton did not punish or insist on sending Deedee away.


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