The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012 Nollace had seen through Bear‘s ways. “Rumor has it that you don‘t like to take your opponent down or kill them in one move because there‘s no sense of accomplishment. You like to fool around with them, and you‘ll deprive them of their last hope of survival when they‘re exhausted, 

“So the calmer I am, the less you‘ll get to enjoy the pleasure of hunting your prey in this fight. That‘s why you won‘t let me die so soon.” 1 Bear stood up, took off his shirt, and attacked him with his knife. “You‘re still not my match when it comes to a fistfight!” 

Nollace defended himself with his bare hands, avoiding the knife‘s tip and Bear‘s attack, while the other man snuck behind him. He immediately kicked the table forward to block Bear‘s legs, turned around, grabbed the man‘s wrist, and folded his arm downward, dislocating his shoulder 

Bear kicked the table away and rushed toward him. 

Nollace pulled the man forward and used his body to block Bear‘s attack, and the tip of his knife stabbed into the man‘s shoulder. 

Bear pushed the man away and hit Nollace with his elbow. 

Nollace resisted with both hands and was knocked backward. Bear‘s force was brutal, and his attacks became more and more vicious. 

His arm shattered the desk lamp, and Nollace was forced into a corner. 

Bear lifted his leg and swung it horizontally at Nollace. 

Nollace dodged it, and the kick slammed into all the books and decorations displayed on the bookshelf. 

The man with the injured left shoulder threw the black revolver under the couch to Bear, and Bear quickly grabbed it in his hand. “Let‘s see where you can hide—” 

The glass shattered, and several black silhouettes broke into the room through the windows. 

Edison ambushed Bear, and the latter raised his hand to block his attack. It caught him off guard, and he fell back in a panic. 

Bear gnashed his teeth, clicked his tongue, and rushed out the door. 

The bodyguards in black went after him. 

Several police cars were parked around the homestay in the rain. When Bear saw the police cars, his expression turned ruthless–he wanted to jump out of the building through the window in the corridor! One of the bodyguards assaulted him from behind, and Bear dodged it and fought with the bodyguards in the corridor. However, the bodyguards quickly fell into a disadvantageous position, giving Bear an opportunity to escape. As soon as Bear jumped out of the window, Nollace, who had gotten downstairs, shot him in 

the leg with a crossbow. He groaned and fell to the ground, and the rain that flowed down his leg was mixed with blood. Nollace gnashed his teeth. “He must never be allowed to run away.” As he jumped out the window, Edison tried to catch up to him. “Mr. Knowles!” The rain became heavier and heavier. The bodyguards took the police around the homestay and tracked them up the mountain behind the homestay. Bear limped and fled up the mountain. He did not even have the time to pull out the short arrow that punctured his leg, and no one could tell whether his trousers were drenched in blood or rainwater. However, it was a dead end ahead as all there was under the 35–foot cliff was the turbulent sea. The people who caught up to him quickly surrounded him. Rainwater rolled down Nollace‘s face, and his expression looked cold when the lights were reflected off his face.

The police pointed their guns at Bear, and the latter gnashed his teeth. “You actually brought a troop of cops!?” He originally thought that the people that were ambushing him were all Nollace‘s men, so he was not afraid of them. He did not expect him to have even called the police. “You‘ve helped Sandy escape, and Sandy has come into Zlokova illegally. Since you‘re her accomplice, you naturally became a target that the police would want to investigate.” Nollace stared straight into his soul. “You have no way out now.” With a ruthless face, Bear pulled out the revolver that had only one bullet left, and the police officers confronting him clenched their pistols tightly. When they got extremely alert, he managed to distract them and resorted to a sinister trick as he reached for the pocket knife hidden in his sleeve. 

He then rushed toward Nollace coldly. “I won‘t be reconciled if I don‘t kill you here today!” Edison realized Bear was planning to drag Nollace down with him and exclaimed, “Mr. Knowles!” 

A police officer shot Bear in the leg, and the pain aroused Bear‘s ferocity. He desperately pierced Nollace‘s arm with the tip of the knife.


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