The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052 Joaqin‘s face sank when he saw his daughter had been beaten up badly. He shot daggers at the people in front of him and hissed. “Hah, you‘re just an outsider, yet you have the guts to challenge my family because you‘re favored by Mr. Southern Sr. If you don‘t give me a suitable explanation today, I won‘t let you off so easily.” “So what are you going to do to us, Mr. Serrano? Are you going to invite Mr. Southern Sr. here?” 

Nollace came out of the hall. He had put on a mask to cover half of his face. With his golden hair, light–colored pupils, and pronounced jawline, he looked exactly like a foreigner, with half of his face covered. 

He took one step down the stairs after the other and continued. “Well, it seems like I don’t have to introduce myself anymore since you know who I am.” 

Joaqin harrumphed coldly. “It seems to me that you have no qualms in making us your enemy after what you did to my daughter!” 

Standing with his hands clasped behind his back, Nollace stopped in front of Joaqin and said,” I just took over The Commune, but your daughter came and caused us trouble. Do you think she is the one disrespecting Mr. Southern Sr. or The Serpents as a whole?” 

The bodyguard behind Joaqin wanted to rush forward, but he stopped him. He took a deep breath and said, “You have a sharp tongue. Even if my daughter came and caused havoc in The Commune, you have no right to beat her up like this. Or are you telling me that it‘s Mr. Southern Sr. who asked you to do it?” 

There was tension in the air. Everyone held their breaths, and nobody dared to step forward. 

After all, this was something between The Serpents and the Southern Clan. They might get themselves into trouble if they did something wrong accidentally. Nollace dusted the invisible dust on his shoulder and said, “I did it out of my own volition. It has nothing to do with Mr. Southern Sr.” 

Joaqin‘s eyes turned cold. “Alright, then! Since you‘ve already admitted it, Mr. Southern Sr. should have no problem if I teach you a lesson today!” 

Just when he was about to give orders to his men, Nollace lifted his eyelids and said calmly,“ Mr. Serrano, I won‘t stop you, but are you sure that you‘ll be fine if Mr. Southern Sr. hears of your daughter‘s secret?” 

Gritting his teeth, Joaqin asked, “What do you mean?” 

Nollace took a step forward and continued. “You want Cameron to marry your daughter so that it can strengthen the foundation of The Serpents. But if Mr. Southern Sr. learns of everything your daughter has done in the East Islands, do you think he‘ll take a woman with a bad reputation as his daughter–in–law? 

“I‘m sure no one knows better than you regarding your daughter‘s actions. You dote on her and keep an eye close to everything she does. I think you don‘t need me to tell you what this marriage means to you, right?” It went without saying that he knew everything his daughter had done in the past. However, 

even though his daughter had indulged in a frivolous life and had a bad reputation, it would not affect her marriage in the future. Even if the Southerns refused to accept her, Joaqin had plenty of ways to make them accept his daughter. However, if Sunny heard of those things, he might not compromise. Sunny intended to reject the marriage, and once his daughter‘s doings were exposed, he would have an excuse to reject the marriage. 

It took Joaqin a lot of effort to come so far. He would never allow his daughter to ruin his plan. 

Besides, the man before him was not an ordinary man since he had the nerve to mess with them. 

Joaqin took a deep breath and turned around. “Take Ms. Serrano away. Get a doctor to tend to her wounds and keep an eye on her. Don‘t let her get out and cause more trouble anymore.” The group of bodyguards behind him looked at each other silently and took Florence away.


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