The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2174

Chapter 2174 

“Are you interested in me?” 

Waylon‘s sudden bluntness made Minzy blush and look down with a smile. “I felt a rush when I saw you. I guess that‘s what love at first sight feels like.” 

Waylon nonchalantly looked around. “What do you like about me?” 

Minzy paused, then smiled. “Do I need a reason to?” 

“You don‘t, but I don‘t think I‘m charming enough to make you fall for me at first sight.” 

“Are you not confident?” She looked shocked. He smiled. “If Cameron hadn‘t messed up the date intentionally, and if she were a man, would you date her?” 

Minzy couldn‘t answer that because if Cameron were a man and hadn‘t messed up the date, she wouldn‘t know if she would date her. And that was before she met Waylon. 

Minzy clearly said, “If I didn‘t meet you, I might. Fate is such an interesting thing, right?” 

Waylon squinted. “You look like a good choice for a wife.” 

She looked happy. “Do you really think so?” 

He calmly continued. “But to me, we‘re from two different worlds. You‘re a well–read and intelligent woman, so you should find a suitable partner. I‘m not that person.” Minzy was stunned. After a long pause, she said, “I can fit into your world and slowly get to know ” 

“I think you don‘t understand.” Waylon smiled and spoke in a calm tone. “Look at it this way, if you and your bodyguards were in trouble, would you face the attackers together with them or leave them?” 

Minzy was curious. “Why would I be in danger when my bodyguards are there?” He then asked, “What if your bodyguards lost to the attackers?” Minzy frowned. “Isn‘t that what they‘re supposed to do?” Even if they were all in trouble, the bodyguards were supposed to protect her from harm. “Why are you asking this, Mr. Goldmann?” 

Waylon looked down. “You’re right that the bodyguards are paid to protect you, but you never have to face attacks and killing attempts on the island. As such, you don‘t have to be worried. 

“However, in my world, it happens, and I might just lose my life. If you can‘t protect yourself and have to rely on the bodyguards, if the attackers are vicious, not only the bodyguards but even your life will be at risk too. If something happened to me, what could you do?” 

Minzy‘s face turned pale. She had never faced anything like in the movies before. Her uncle was a police officer, and her dad was a real estate mogul. They weren‘t the richest family, but they were upper class. She never had to face any of that under her uncle and dad‘s protection. 

What Waylon meant by ‘from different worlds‘ was clearly expressed. 

Minzy bit her lips, and her eyes turned red. “So, you‘re rejecting me because of this?” 

Waylon stood under the vines as he replied, “Not entirely.” 

She turned to face him. “Why then?” 

He slowly said, “I don‘t feel butterflies when I see you.” 

“But we can work on that 

“If there‘s nothing initially, it‘s very difficult to work on it.” Waylon looked at her sternly. “I don‘t like to force myself to do anything that‘s pointless, including when it comes to relationships. I hope you understand.” 


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