The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2179

Chapter 2179 Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and turned her face sideways. “I‘ll buy you. another shirt.” 

Waylon squinted and replied, “I‘m sure you know that all of my clothes are bespoke suits, right, Ms. Southern?” 

Cameron was stunned and looked at him in shock. “Are you saying that I need to go to Stoslo to look for the shop?” 

“Didn‘t you say you wanted to buy me a new one?” Waylon lifted his eyebrows. “Since you‘re going to buy me new clothes, you have to show some sincerity, don‘t you think so?” 

She took a deep breath, gnashed her teeth, and replied, “Fine! I shouldn‘t have promised you anything!” 

Cameron turned around and stormed back to her room. Waylon looked at her and asked, “Are you not going to buy me a new shirt anymore?” “I don‘t have money!” she replied without turning her head back. 

Even though Cameron acted shamelessly, Waylon did not get angry at her. After all, it was just a shirt, and he did not feel the need to make a big scene out of it. 

The next day… 

Cameron did not see Waylon or Sunny when she went downstairs to get her breakfast. She asked the butler, and he told her that Sunny had already gone out since morning. As for Waylon, he probably hadn‘t woken up yet. She squinted and did not say anything. 

Cameron felt bad since she was the one who had accidentally ruined his clothes. Since she was going to receive a cheque from him, she felt that she should be able to afford to order a bespoke suit for him 

After she finished her breakfast, she came to Waylon‘s room with a tape ruler. She knocked on the door, but Waylon did not reply. She twisted the door knob and went into the room. The curtain remained closed, and the room was dark. The man lying on the bed was still sleeping. He was lying in a supine position. His silky pajama was slightly open, and his chest rose and fell gently with every breath he took 

Cameron tiptoed toward the bed. It was not that she had never seen a man sleeping before. When she went to sea and slept under the same roof with those men, their sleeping postures were simply ridiculous. All of them slept with their limbs spread. They would sleep at any place they wanted, and this was the first time she saw someone sleep like Waylon. 

He lay flat on his back with a perfect sleeping posture. There was not a single crease on the duvet above him, and he looked as if he had never turned his body over. Cameron leaned forward and called out to him, “Wayne?” He did not reply. Cameron took out the tape ruler and placed it on his shoulder.“9.84 inches? Not bad.” 

She looked downward. 

‘Now is his chest size and waist size…‘ 

Cameron hesitated for a moment and moved the tape ruler down. She slipped the tape ruler behind him with her finger. She was worried that he might wake up suddenly, so she kept her movements light. Suddenly, Waylon frowned and turned around, startling her and causing her to hide under the bed. After a long while, she poked her head out and heaved out a sigh of relief. 

It took Cameron a lot of effort before she could get his chest size. 

44.8 inches.‘ 

She wrote it down on her palm and mumbled, “He really has a good body.” 

There was only one measurement left, and that was his waist size. 

Slowly, ever slowly, she moved the tape ruler down. Just as she flipped the duvet open, he grabbed her wrist, and she fell on his body. 

Waylon opened his eyes and looked at the person on his body. “What are you doing, Ms. Southern? Are you molesting me?” Cameron jerked up, taking the tape ruler with her. “I‘m not molesting you! I‘m just taking your measurements!” 

He placed his hand on his forehead and chuckled deeply. “Didn‘t you say you didn‘t have any money last night? What made you change your mind and want to buy me a shirt today?” 

Waylon sat up slowly, closed his eyes, and massaged his nose. “Not only that, but you were getting handsy with me when I was asleep.” She was stumped and said, “I was not. Your body isn‘t that good at all.” He opened his eyes and chuckled. “Really? I remember hearing someone say I had a good body just now.” Cameron jerked up. “So you were awake the whole time!?” 


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