The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203 Cameron got into the front passenger seat. While driving, Cameron leaned against the car window and propped her hand against the side of her forehead. “You haven‘t answered my question.” Waylon held onto the steering wheel and pulled over to the side of the road. “It‘s all over now.” 

She paused for a split second and turned to look at him. “So, has Donald been arrested?” He responded with a hum and backed the car into a parking space. Cameron lowered her gaze. ‘Donald‘s arrest means that everything‘s over now, and it‘s time for them to go back to Zlokova.‘ 

The front passenger‘s door was opened at some point, and he was already standing outside the door. “It‘s time to get yourself out of the car.” 

Cameron undid her seat belt and got out of the car with her can of Coke. But he immediately confiscated it from her before she could take another sip. “You should eat first.” 

“This is none of your business.” 

She reached for it, but Waylon threw the can into the trash can on the side of the road almost instantly, and the trajectory was very precise. 

Cameron was about to get angry when Waylon raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head. “I‘ll buy another can for you after the 


She was stunned. She then glared at Waylon‘s back as he stepped into the restaurant and scoffed angrily. “Does he really think that I‘m his sister?” 

Cameron followed Waylon into the restaurant, and sure enough, she became very noticeable since she came out for a meal in a hospital gown. 

Waylon slowed down and waited for her to catch up, and the two stepped into the elevator together. 

Seeing that some other guests poured into the elevator, Cameron crossed her arms, and the impatience exuded from her face was obvious. 

At this time, someone within the crowd pushed her backward, and she bumped into Waylon‘s arms because she did not have a firm foothold and lost balance. 

Waylon stopped her from falling, held her in his arms, and protected her. 

Cameron did not dare to look back. 

‘What if he suspects that I‘ve bumped into him on purpose?‘ 

When they were in the elevator, two junior high–school students stared at the two of them for a long time, then suddenly approached Waylon and asked him in a soft voice, “Sir, is your girlfriend sick?” 

No matter how soft they tried to be, Cameron could hear it very clearly. 

She turned her head and was about to say something when her mouth was suddenly covered. 

Waylon pressed her head in his arms, smiled at the two young teenagers, pointed to Cameron‘s head, and made a hush gesture. 

The two girls understood him almost immediately. They then stared at Cameron, and a hint of sympathy flashed across their eyes and expression. “This lady turns out to be mentally disabled. That‘s so sad. But how lucky she is to be able to encounter a boyfriend who doesn‘t look down upon her and looks so good at the same time…’ 

When everyone got out of the elevator, Cameron pushed him away instantly. “Why did you cover my mouth just now?” He gave off a hoarse chuckle and stopped at the elevator‘s entrance. “Didn‘t you want to protect your image? I was only worried that you‘d be recognized.” She was stunned and realized that she could not refute his explanation. After walking the private room, Waylon summoned the waitress and started ordering dishes that were light and bland. Cameron frowned. “I want some spicy food.” Waylon ignored her and closed the menu. “What I just ordered will be great.” The waitress smiled. “Okay.” Cameron stopped the waitress. “Wait, what about the food that I ordered?” 

The waitress looked at Waylon in embarrassment, and Waylon loosened his cuffs. “You haven‘t been discharged from the hospital, so no spicy food for you.” “It‘s not that I‘m injured and need to avoid certain foods…” “That‘s still a no in my book.” He rested his arm across the back of her chair and leaned closer to her. “I‘ll let you decide our food for the night if you‘re paying for it.” 

Cameron scoffed. “Do you think that I have no money on me now? Fine, I‘ll pay for—” 

As soon as she took her cell phone out, Waylon grabbed it away and inserted it into his pocket. 

Cameron was rendered speechless for a moment. 

The waitress chuckled softly. “Miss, your boyfriend is only doing so for your health, so maybe you could just listen to him?” 

She then went out and closed the door. 

Cameron did not even have the time to explain a word from beginning to end. 

She sat back and crossed her arms. “Who would‘ve thought that I‘d have to get bullied when I agreed to come out to eat?” Waylon smiled and moved half an inch closer. “I‘m about to leave the East Islands already, so shouldn‘t you compromise just this once for me?”


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