The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2359

Chapter 2359 

The Goldmanns were more than any other affluent family in Bassburgh. Everyone would be curious about the person who married into the family if they were somebody. How could Freyja’s family be absent? 

Everyone’s expressions changed. 

Anyone who paid attention to the news would know why. Those who didn’t might talk about it. 

Mr. Weatherby didn’t notice how the atmosphere changed and pressed on upon seeing how Freyja didn’t reply. “Did something important come up, and your family couldn’t come because of that? How could they miss a party so important? Even if your relatives were busy, your parents should be here.” 

Freyja pressed her lips together and was going to speak when Colton held her hand and calmly said, “I’m glad everyone is able to attend my daughter’s party. My wife is married to me and is now a Goldmann. If you can’t even respect her, we shouldn’t have any more dealings in the future. Don’t you think so, Mr. Weatherby?” 

Mr. Weatherby wasn’t expecting Colton to be so protective of his wife. He was from a famous family and had to be careful with what he said. He only thought the woman was marrying up and wasn’t respected in the family. 

Even when he was given a warning in public, he had to let it go because it was against a Goldmann. 

Colton guided Freyja away. 

Freyja turned to look at him. Her heart warmed when she remembered how he protected her. Thank you.” 

“There’s no need. I just don’t like the way they are.” 

They would always find the person they thought was weak and step on them. He looked down. on people like that. 

Nicholas asked Colton to go over, so he said to Freyja, “Wait here. I’ll be back.” 

She nodded and stood alone among the crowd as he walked away. 

The more Mr. Weatherby thought about it, the angrier he got, so he drank a glass too many. When he saw Freyja standing alone and that Colton wasn’t around, he had to confront her. 

She was a woman who gave birth before even getting married. He wouldn’t believe that the Goldmanns, aside from Colton, would respect a woman with no background. 

Freyja looked at her watch and thought that Daisie and the rest would be there soon. 

“Mrs. Goldmann?” 

Freyja turned around, and it was Mr. Weatherby again. 

She didn’t want to make it a big issue because it was an important occasion, so she nodded politely. “Yes, Mr. Weatherby?” 

He smiled. “I shouldn’t have said that just now. I hope you forgive me.” 

Freyja thought he was apologizing, so she said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t take it to heart.” 

“Good then. But you look really young, around 23 or 24?” Mr. Weatherby looked at her from head to toe with bad intentions. “That’s how you kept your figure after giving birth.” 

Freyja was offended, so she narrowed her eyes. “I’m going to walk away if there’s nothing important, Mr. Weatherby.” 

She was going to leave when he stood in front of her. “Where’s the fire? I’m here to apologize.” 

After that, he poured Freyja a glass of wine. “I’m showing respect, so you should show some too. Drink with me?” a 

Freyja thought it was just a drink, so she nodded and took the glass from him. 


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